How do you activate snaps in Solidworks?

How do you snap sketch?

To enable Length Snaps, press and hold Shift while sketching. Snaps sketch entities to the grid’s vertical and horizontal divisions. This is the only sketch snap that is not active by default. If Grid Snap is cleared, it never snaps to grid.

How do I repair a sketch in Solidworks?

To open the Repair Sketch tool: Click Tools > Sketch Tools > Repair Sketch. Repair Sketch deletes these from the sketch. Repair Sketch merges these into a single entity.

How do I show origin in Solidworks?

To toggle the origin display: Click View > Hide/Show > Origins. When the icon next to the menu item is highlighted, origins are visible (except for origins you have hidden individually). Search ‘Origin’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

Where is the solidworks snap?

Setting Sketch Snaps

Click Options or click Tools > Options. Select Relations/Snaps. Select or clear Enable snapping to affect all Sketch Snaps. Under Sketch Snaps, select or clear the appropriate Sketch Snap.

Where are the snaps in Solidworks?

To display System Options > Relations/Snaps, right-click in a sketch, select Relations/Snaps Options.

How do you mate in SOLIDWORKS?

To add a mate: Click Mate (Assembly toolbar), or click Insert > Mate. In the PropertyManager, under Mate Selections, select the entities that you want to mate together for Entities to Mate . You can temporarily hide faces to select an obscured face by hovering over a face and pressing Alt.

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How do I get my SOLIDWORKS toolbar back?

To display SOLIDWORKS toolbars:

  1. Right-click in the window border and select or clear a toolbar name.
  2. Click Tools > Customize. On the Toolbars tab, select the toolbars to display.

How do you send Assembly in SOLIDWORKS?

Mailing an Assembly or Drawing to Another Computer

  1. Click File > Send To.
  2. In the dialog box, select one of the following: Name of the current document only. …
  3. Click OK.
  4. Type your mail password, the mailing address, and any other information required by your mail application.

What is origin solidworks?

The model origin represents the (0,0,0) coordinate of the model. When a sketch is active, a sketch origin represents the (0,0,0) coordinate of the sketch. A model origin appears in blue and a sketch origin appears in red .

Where are Solidworks tools?

Right-click in the window border, click Toolbars, and select or clear a toolbar name. Click Tools > Customize. On the Toolbars tab, select the toolbars to display.

How do I change the axis in Solidworks?


  1. Press Space to bring up the View Orientation window, or right-click the graphics view and choose View Orientation.
  2. Choose the desired option from the Up Axis Flyout (shown below) Specifying the Up axis.
  3. Try out the new orientations. Any existing drawing views will also be updated.

How do you make a 3D sketch in Solidworks?

To create a 3D sketch, click 3D Sketch (Sketch toolbar) or Insert > 3DSketch . You can create 3D sketch entities on a working plane, or at any arbitrary point in 3D space. In 3D sketching, a graphical space handle helps maintain your orientation while you sketch on several planes.

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