How do you bend a dimension line in Solidworks drawing?

How do you break a dimension line in SOLIDWORKS?

On the Leaders tab of the respective PropertyManager, under Break Lines:

  1. Select Break extension lines to break extension lines around dimension lines and other extension lines.
  2. Select Break dimension line to break the dimension line around other dimension lines and other extension lines.

How do you show a bend note in SOLIDWORKS drawing?

To toggle the visibility of the sheet metal bend notes:

  1. Select the flat pattern drawing view to display the Drawing View PropertyManager.
  2. Click More Properties.
  3. In the View Properties tab, clear Display sheet metal bend notes. You can also right-click Drawing View. in the FeatureManager design tree and select Properties.

How do I change the bend line style in SOLIDWORKS?

To change the format or language of the bend line notes, set Format to Exchange, then in Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations, set Show folders for to Sheet Metal Bend Line Note File, and set the file location to the desired format or language.

Can you bend in Solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS Flex Feature for bending, stretching, tapering, and twisting your parts.

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How do you find the bend line?

The formula (See Bending Formulas) is: Bend Allowance = Angle * (π / 180) * (Radius + K-factor * Thickness).

How do you make a foreshortened dimension in Solidworks?

To set a document-level default for the foreshortened style, with a drawing open, click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions > Linear and under Foreshortened, select a style. You can also specify to automatically foreshorten a linear dimension when the geometry of one end is outside the drawing view.

What is the extension line?

Extension lines continue or extend from the surface of the object and establish the size of the dimension. They do not touch the object lines and extend slightly past the dimension line. Extension lines provide a means of displaying a measurement without placing the dimension on the part.

How do I change the leader line in Solidworks?

To set line thickness and style:

  1. Click Options , and then select the Document Properties tab.
  2. Select the type of annotation or dimension for which you intend to customize the frame or leader line thickness.
  3. Select a thickness from the list, or select Custom Size and enter a value for the custom thickness.

How do you add a note to a Solidworks drawing?

Click Note. (Annotation toolbar), or click Insert > Annotations > Note. Select one or more notes. Right-click one or more notes (hold down Ctrl while you select a group of notes).

How do I draw a line in Solidworks drawing?

To sketch a line:

  1. Click Line. …
  2. In the Insert Line PropertyManager under Orientation, select one of the following: …
  3. Under Options, select: …
  4. Under Parameters, you can do the following, based on the Orientation: …
  5. Click in the graphics area and sketch the line. …
  6. Complete the line in one of the following ways:
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How do I edit lines in Solidworks?

Right-click on an existing section view or its cutting line and click Edit Cutting Line. For some complex section views created with SOLIDWORKS 2013, you must select an insertion point before you can modify them.

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