How do you change the dashboard in rhino?

How do you change dashboard lines in rhino?

Hidden should be a dashed line, however, my drawing is to large to show the line type at the default rhino properties. In order to remedy this issue, use the command “DocumentProperties” and select “line types” and change the model space linetype scale value up, until you get the desired effect.

How do you show linetypes in rhino?

In Object Properties, under Linetypes, click an option. The default object linetype is By Layer. In the Layers panel, in the Linetypes column, select an option. Use the SetLayerLinetype command.

How do I create a custom line in rhino?

Linetypes are assigned as object and layer properties.

To create a new linetype

  1. Click the Add button. A new linetype is added to the list.
  2. Click the name to rename it. See: Naming conventions in Rhino.
  3. While the new linetype is active, in the Pattern edit box specify the pattern for the linetype.

How do you change the color of a line in rhino?

Open the Layers tab and left click on the color square for the layer and select the desired color. To change the color of individual objects select the object and then left click on “Display color”.

How do I change hatch color in rhino?

Run the Hatch command, go to the Hatch Properties Panel. You can now: Select a fill style (solid, linear/radial reflected or linear/radial wrapped). Repeat the gradient on a fill.

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What is the default lineweight in rhino?

Default lineweight in V5 is “hairline” and I set the global value when I print.

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