How do you delete a point in Solidworks?

How do I delete part of a line in Solidworks?

To delete: Click the line or text and press the Delete key. To move: Click the line or text and drag to a new location.

How do I delete part of a sketch in Solidworks?

Adding and Removing Sketch Entities in Blocks

  1. In the Edit Sketch mode, select a Block. in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Click Edit Block. …
  3. Click Add/Remove Entities. …
  4. In the PropertyManager, under Block Entities, select the entities you want to add or remove. …
  5. Click , click the block confirmation corner.

How do you hide points in Solidworks?

Click one of the following:

  1. Hide/Show Items > View Points.
  2. View Points. (View toolbar)
  3. View > Hide/Show > Points.

How do you select a point in Solidworks?

Selection Methods

  1. Click objects in the graphics area.
  2. Press Ctrl while clicking to select more than one object.
  3. Drag the pointer from left to right to define a box selection or from right to left to define a cross selection.
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How can you remove unwanted lines on a drawing?

Removing Unwanted Lines from your Autodesk Inventor Sketch

  1. Go to sketch tab.
  2. Select Trim.
  3. Click on the lines that you want to remove.

How do I delete a construction line in Solidworks?

On the menu, choose Draw > Construction Line > Clear. On the Construction Line toolbar, click the Clear tool.

How do you delete a sketch?

In TOTAL for Mobile, you can easily delete a single item or an entire sketch.

To delete an item or items from your sketch:

  1. In a sketch, tap the Modify icon ( ) to enter Modify Mode. …
  2. Now, select the item you wish to delete.
  3. Finally, press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the selected item.

How do you delete a 3d plane in Solidworks?

To delete something, right-click on it in the design tree and select “delete.” If you choose the wrong plane: If you happen to select the wrong plane for the sketch, you have two solutions. One is to exit the sketch and delete it.

How do you hide all sketch lines in SolidWorks?

To hide all types in the current document: Click View > Hide/Show > Hide All Types. After you select Hide All Types, you cannot show any hidden items until you clear Hide All Types.

How do I hide origins in SolidWorks?

Click View > Hide/Show > Origins . When the icon next to the menu item is highlighted, origins are visible except for origins that you hide individually.

How do I show sketches in SolidWorks assembly?

In drawing documents, View > Hide/Show > Sketches affects sketches that exist in the FeatureManager design tree only. For example, if you create a sketch on a model, and the sketch exists in the FeatureManager design tree, you can hide or show the sketch in a drawing.

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How do I select a surface in Solidworks?

Selecting Faces with the SOLIDWORKS Select Other tool

Save yourself some time when defining mates in assemblies by not needing to rotate around to see each face. Simply right-click on a face that is in the way choose the ‘Select Other’ command from the context-sensitive toolbar.

How do I select a different surface in Solidworks?

Select Other

  1. In a part or assembly document, right-click the model in the graphics area and choose Select Other . The pointer changes to. and a box appears with a list of entities (faces, edges, subassemblies, etc.) …
  2. Click in the list or the graphics area to select an entity.

How do I find the coordinates of a point in Solidworks?

Click Tools > Inquiry > Get Coordinate (or type GetXY). In the graphics area, select the point to identify.

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