How do you Fillet a circle in Solidworks?

What is a fillet of a circle?

A round or fillet is an arc that is created tangent between two 2D objects. A fillet can be created between two objects of the same or different object types: 2D polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses, elliptical arcs, lines, rays, splines, and xlines.

How do I fillet a part in Solidworks?

Fillet/Round creates a rounded internal or external face on the part. You can fillet all edges of a face, selected sets of faces, selected edges, or edge loops.

To create fillets:

  1. Click Fillet on the Features toolbar, or click Insert, Features, Fillet/Round.
  2. Set the PropertyManager options. …
  3. Click OK .

Can you fillet a sketch in Solidworks?

on the Sketch toolbar, or Tools > Sketch Tools > Fillet. Set the properties in the Sketch Fillet PropertyManager. Select the sketch entities to fillet. You can select non-intersecting entities.

How do you size a fillet?

You can automatically dimension the fillet when you fillet a corner.

  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Fillet. …
  2. On the ribbon, in the Fillet Options panel, check the fillet size. …
  3. Select Fillet Options panel Insert Dimension. …
  4. Click an empty space in the drawing area.

How do you fillet a single line in AutoCAD?

The steps are listed below:

  1. Select the Fillet command from the ribbon panel. Or. …
  2. Type M or Multiple on the command line.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Select the first object.
  5. Type R or Radius on the command line.
  6. Press Enter.
  7. Specify the fillet radius. For example, 1.
  8. Press Enter.

How do I fillet an edge in Solidworks?

Creating Partial Chamfers and Fillets

  1. Under Chamfer Type, click Offset Face .
  2. Select Full preview.
  3. Select Partial Edge Parameters.
  4. In Start condition, select Distance offset.
  5. Set Offset distance from start point to 20 mm.
  6. In End condition, select Distance offset.

How do you fillet a 3D object in Solidworks?

To fillet multiple edges of a 3D solid using the Chain option:

  1. Click Solids > Solid Editing > Fillet edges (or type FilletEdges).
  2. Specify the Radius option.
  3. Specify the radius of the fillet arc.
  4. Specify the Chain option.
  5. Specify an edge tangent to an existing fillet on a 3D solid. …
  6. Press Enter.

How do you round a corner in Solidworks?

To use the Round Sharp Edges option, right-click the appearance in the Display Manager and click Edit Appearance. In the PropertyManager, on the Illumination tab, select Round Sharp Edges and set a value for the radius.

Where is Sketch Fillet in SolidWorks?

on the Sketch toolbar, or Tools > Sketch Tools > Fillet. Set the properties in the Sketch Fillet PropertyManager. Select the sketch entities to fillet.

How do you round a Sketch in SolidWorks?

There are 2 methods for fillet:

  1. Use sketch fillet on the rectangle before extruding then plate shape. Do the same for the top extrusion solid when sketching.
  2. Extrude the solids then use fillet command to input the same radius of the fillet for both extruded shapes.
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