How do you hide properties in Solidworks?

How do you hide features in Solidworks?

To show or hide a component from the shortcut menu: Right-click a component in the drawing view or in the FeatureManager design tree and select Show/Hide > Hide Component.

How do I hide a feature in Solidworks drawing?

Use the Hide/Show Edges PropertyManager to control edge display in drawings, including tangent edge display. You can show and hide model sketches in drawings. You can show all the hidden lines of selected features and components in drawing documents.

How do you hide parts in assembly drawing?

To show or hide a component in all drawing views:

  1. In the assembly, create an assembly configuration.
  2. In the graphics area or the FeatureManager design tree, right-click a component and click Hide Components or Show Components .

How do I unhide all features in Solidworks?

Right-click on the blank graphics area and select “Show Hidden Components.” SOLIDWORKS will display any components hidden in the assembly. If you click on the component, it will show it when you exit this state (which can be done by clicking Escape on your keyboard or clicking “Exit Show-Hidden”).

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How do you hide a part in Solidworks simulation?

Select a single part, or many parts in the simulated assembly, right-click in the graphics area, and choose the Isolate command. This will temporarily show the part or parts that you have selected, and hide all of the others.

How do I hide section view in Solidworks drawing?

Hiding and Showing Views

  1. Right-click the view on the sheet or in the FeatureManager design tree, and select Hide. If the view has dependent views (Detail, Section, and so on), you are asked if you want to hide the dependent views as well. …
  2. To show the view again, right-click the view, and select Show.

How do I hide edges in Solidworks?

To hide or show edges in a drawing:

  1. Click Hide/Show Edges. …
  2. Select the edges to hide (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click . …
  3. To show edges, click Hide/Show Edges. …
  4. Select the hidden edges highlighted in orange, (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click .

How do you hide a view in Creo?

Creo Parametric allows you to hide and unhide selected model features and entities in the current Creo Parametric session. To save design time, you can use the following mini toolbar or the View > Visibility options to hide or show, features and entities: Hide — Hides the selected features, components, and layers.

How do I show hidden components in Solidworks assembly?

To select hidden components to be shown:

  1. Click Show Hidden Components (Assembly toolbar). The Show Hidden dialog box appears. …
  2. In the graphics area, select components you want to show. The components you select disappear temporarily.
  3. In the dialog box, click Exit Show Hidden.
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How do you unhide hidden parts in Solidworks?

To show the component again, do one of the following:

  1. Select the component in the Hide/Show Components list and press Delete.
  2. Select the component in the FeatureManager design tree.
  3. To show all hidden components again, right-click in the list and click Clear Selections.

Why is my solidworks part invisible?

If the model is a part file then the most common reason that the body has been hidden by mistake, which can happen if you happen to click on hide in connection with selecting a feature.

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