How do you make words Onshape?

How do you add text to sketch Onshape?

To add text, select sketch and choose whichever face you’d like to add text to. Select the text tool and drag out the rectangle (don’t worry about the size of the rectangle right now). Enter your text and hit the checkmark.

How do you label Onshape?

Creating and Using Labels

  1. Click either Create > Label, (shown above) or the label icon in the top right of the window and then Create new label:
  2. Enter a name for the label and click Create.

How do you emboss Onshape?

To perform an Emboss feature with the wrap tool, ensure the Solid body option is selected and choose the Add boolean feature. Conversely, to perform an Engrave feature, while the Solid body option is chosen, select the Remove boolean feature.

How do you rotate text on Onshape?

Click “show constraints” in the sketch dialog and delete the horizontal constraint shown on the textbox. You may have to fix one corner of the rectangle but then you’ll be able to rotate it, and add a vertical constraint afterwards.

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