How do you move a rectangle in Freecad?

How do you move a shape in Freecad?

Select a object to be moved and select “Transform” on right-click menu. Arrows and spheres appear for each direction X, Y, Z on 3D view. If you want to translate the object, drag an arrow. If you want to rotate the object, drag a sphere.

How do you navigate Freecad?

Gesture navigation

Press the left mouse button over an object you want to select. Hold the right mouse button, then move the pointer. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Hold the left mouse button, then move the pointer.

How do you move an object?

Move an object

  1. Position the pointer over the object until the pointer changes to the Move pointer . Note: If you’re moving a text box, position the mouse pointer over the boundary of the text box.
  2. Drag the object to the new position. To drag the object in a straight line, hold down SHIFT while dragging the object.

How do you duplicate a body in Freecad?


  1. Select an object for which you wish to make a copy.
  2. Go to the menu Part → Create a copy → Create simple copy.

How do I move the origin of sketch Freecad?


  1. Enter edit mode of sketch.
  2. Choose Sketch → Sketcher tools → Select origin from the top menu.
  3. The origin of the sketch will be selected.
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How do you move a sketch axis?

On the axis icon (near the center of the sketch), click the red arrow to realign the x axis, or the green arrow to realign the y axis. Click a feature edge to rotate the coordinate system. or, Right-click, and select Flip Axis.

How do I show grid in Freecad?

To use the grid select: Edit → Preferences… → Draft → Grid and snapping → Grid → Use grid. After changing this preference you must restart FreeCAD.

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