How do you move a sketch to another plane in Onshape?

How do you transfer a sketch from one plane to another?

The first and more straightforward way to move a sketch to a different face is to right-click on the sketch in the feature tree. From there, you can click the button to “edit sketch plane.” This will highlight the existing face, and all you need to do to move it is to select the new face.

How do you move a sketch on Onshape?

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  1. With the sketch opened for editing, select the sketch entities you want to move.
  2. In the Feature tool area, tap .
  3. Use the manipulator to drag and orient the sketch.
  4. Click in space when the sketch is placed and oriented as desired.

How do you click and drag on Onshape?

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  1. 3D Rotate: Right-mouse-button-click+drag.
  2. Zoom in and out: Pinch out and pinch in, respectively.
  3. 2D pan: CTRL-right-mouse-button+drag.

How do you move a sketch?

In sketch mode, do one of the following:

  1. Click Move Entities. (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Move.
  2. Click Copy Entities. (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Copy.
  3. Right-click to display the Sketch shortcut menu, click Sketch Tools, and click Move Entities or Copy Entities.
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How do I move a sketch to another plane in Catia?

Select the Sketch1. object -> Change Sketch Support command. 3. Select the replacing plane.

How do you use the transform tool in Onshape?


  1. Click .
  2. Select a part (and its Mate connector or axis, if desired) to move.
  3. Select the method of moving the part (transform type): Translate by line – Move the part along a selected line: such as a part edge. …
  4. Click .

How do you move parts in Onshape part studio?

You can move part studios and assemblies etc to a new document. Right click on selection as shown in clip and select move to document or new document. The documents can then be moved to any folder you wish for organizing.

How do you rotate a plane on Inshape?

The simplest approach would be to use the “Three point” option, and select three points on the mesh that the plane should pass through. Another option that may suit you a little better would be to use the “line angle” option.

What is the shortcut to deselect everything on Onshape?

The hotkey for deselecting all entities is spacebar.

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