How do you save a drawing in Solidworks?

Can you save sketches in Solidworks?

Saving Sketches in the Design Library

In the Design Library, click Add to Library . In the PropertyManager, under Save To, type a file name and select a Design Library folder. Click . The sketch is saved as a block in your Design Library.

How do you save in Solidworks?

Click Save As (Standard toolbar) or File > Save As. Specifies a path to the folder where you want to save the document. To hide the navigation pane, click Hide Folders. To show the navigation pane, click Browse Folders.

How do I save a Solidworks drawing as a PDF?

To export a SOLIDWORKS part or assembly as a 3D PDF file:

  1. Click File > Save As.
  2. In the dialog box, select Adobe Portable Document Format (*. pdf) in Save as type.
  3. Select Save as 3D PDF, verify the file name, and click Save.

How do you save an e drawing in Solidworks?

eDrawings Export Options

  1. In a SOLIDWORKS document, click Save As (Standard toolbar) or File > Save As.
  2. In the Save As dialog box, in Save as type, select the corresponding eDrawings file type: …
  3. Click Save.
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Can you save a sketch?

Saving documents

Choose File > Save (or press ⌘ S ), select the To a Workspace tab and choose the Workspace and, if you want, project folder where you want to save your document.

How do you save a 2d sketch in SOLIDWORKS?

To save a sketch to a block file:

  1. Create a sketch.
  2. Click Save Sketch as Block (Blocks toolbar) or Tools > Blocks > Save .

How do you save a SOLIDWORKS file without references?

“SOLIDWORKS Save as Copy” saves your already existing part/assembly/drawing, with a new name, but breaks all references to the original part. Essentially making a disassociated file that can be opened and modified with no connection to existing drawings or assemblies that contain the ‘original’ part.

How do you save a SOLIDWORKS assembly with all parts?

With your top level assembly open, left click on a sub-assembly that you would like to save as a part and chose Open Subassembly. 2. With the sub-assembly open click File, Save as. Chose the option to Save as when prompted.

What is the extension for SOLIDWORKS files?

SOLIDWORKS file can be stored as . igs format to make importable in any other application. A STEP file is a 3D model file formatted in STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Data), an ISO standard exchange format.

How do I save a SOLIDWORKS template?

Saving Sheet Formats

  1. Click File > Save Sheet Format.
  2. Edit File name. You can overwrite standard formats or create custom formats. Sheet format files have extension . …
  3. Click Save. Custom properties in the document are saved with the sheet format and added to any new documents that use the format.
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How do I publish a drawing in SOLIDWORKS?


  1. Open the SOLIDWORKS file.
  2. Click File > Publish to eDrawings ( in the Save flyout toolbar). …
  3. Click File > Save.
  4. In the Save As dialog box, select from the options, which vary depending on the file type.
  5. Click Save to save the eDrawings file.

How do I save eDrawing as DWG?

How to Convert an EDRW to a DWG

  1. Contact the sender of the . edrw file to see if he has the paid version of Solid Works (the program that created the file). …
  2. Download the Solid Works eDrawing viewer for free. …
  3. Download and install the DWG Export for Solid Works tool. …
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How do you create an e drawing?

To create eDrawings files using SOLIDWORKS Save As: In a SOLIDWORKS document, click File > Save As.

Creating eDrawings Files Using SOLIDWORKS Save As

  1. Part document (*. sldprt). Save as eDrawings (*. eprt)
  2. Assembly document (*. sldasm). Save as eDrawings (*. easm)
  3. Drawing document (*. slddrw). Save as eDrawings (*. edrw)

How do I use eDrawings in SolidWorks?

To create eDrawings files using SolidWorks Publish: Click File, Publish to eDrawings ( in the Save flyout toolbar).


  1. In the eDrawings Viewer, click Save or File, Save.
  2. In the Save As dialog box, select from available options.
  3. Type a file name for File name, then click Save.
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