How do you save as on DraftSight?

How do I save as DXF in DraftSight?

To export to a DXF file:

  1. Type ExportDXF.
  2. In the dialog box, specify the following: Save in: Navigate to the folder where you want to store the file. File name: Type a name for the file. Save as type: Select a . dxf type.
  3. Click Save.

How do I save DraftSight as a PDF?

Use the ExportPDF command to save the current view to a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. To create a PDF file from a drawing: Click File > Export > PDF Export (or type ExportPDF). In the dialog box, type the Name of the PDF file to create.

How do I save a DraftSight block?

To save Blocks to file: Click File > Export > Export Drawing (or type ExportDrawing). In the dialog box, under Source, select a source to write to file: Block.

What file formats can DraftSight open?

DraftSight can export to several different raster formats, including PDF, PNG, TIF, SAT and STL. What file formats can DraftSight open and save? In addition to the . dwg file format, DraftSight can also read and save .

How do I change print styles in Draftsight?

Click Application menu > Preferences (or type Options). Click System Options . Expand Printing > Default settings. In Default type, select Use named print styles.

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How do I print from Draftsight?

Under Printer/plotter:

  1. In Name, select an output device. …
  2. Click Properties to set up the printer or plotter in the dialog box provided by the printer’s driver. …
  3. Select Print to file for output to a file instead of to the printer.
  4. In Copies, set the number of copies to print.

How do I save a block?

To Save a Block as a Drawing (Block Editor)

  1. Click Insert tab Block panel Block Editor. …
  2. Click Block Editor tab Open/Save panel Save Block As. …
  3. In the Save Block As dialog box, enter a name for the new block definition.
  4. Select the Save Block Definition to Drawing File check box.

How do I save blocks to library?

In the drawing area, select the block to add to the content library. Right-click and select Save as New Content. In the Content panel of the Save Content As dialog box, select the folder you want to add the item to. In the Save as section, specify a name for the new item.

How do you save in block editor?

Click the small arrow to the right of the words Open/Save on the left side of the Block Editor ribbon. A small menu will open. Select Save Block As from this menu. The Save Block As dialog box will open.

Can DraftSight open 3D files?

The answer is YES! In DraftSight Enterprise Plus, 2 types of 3D file format are importable, ACIS SAT file and STL file.

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