How do you save in Ansys Workbench?

How do I save a mesh file in Ansys Workbench?

Steps to be followed to get the desired result are:

  1. step 1: open the ANSYS workbench and open the file in ANSYS mechanical.
  2. step 2: select the solution.
  3. step 3: select the solution from the ribbon (From topmost menu)
  4. step 4: select write input files from tools.
  5. step 5: change save as type to all files.

How do I save an Ansys Workbench animation?

To save a solution animation file (and the associated metafiles), select Animation Frames in the Write/Record Format drop-down list in the Playback dialog box, and click the Write button. ANSYS FLUENT will save a . cxa file, as well as a . hmf file for each frame of the animation sequence.

How do you save a project fluently?

File Save Project

Select the Save Project option from the Write a File icon in the FLUENT toolbar. Alternatively, you can also save your Workbench project by selecting the Save option under the File menu within Workbench or by selecting the Save icon from the Workbench toolbar.

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How do I Export a project from Workbench?


  1. Open Workbench (in its Configuration Perspective) and find the project in question under the Navigator pane.
  2. Right click on the project and click on ‘Export’.
  3. Under General, click on ‘Archive File’.

How do I save a Mesh file?

Click Home > Mesh > Save FEM Mesh to manually save the mesh. Creo Simulate automatically assigns the default name of model. fmp(a) to the mesh file. If you want to assign a file name other than the default, set the fem_allow_named_mesh_files configuration option in the configuration option file.

How do I Export Ansys results?

apr file of your model and results, perform the following steps:

  1. Click File > Save As > Save Simulation Data.
  2. The Export Creo Ansys Project dialog box opens. Specify a filename for the archive.
  3. Click Export to save the archived . apr file.

How do I Export Ansys model?

Click on ‘Export’ in ANSYS® Mechanical. To export ANSYS® Mechanical geometries, just right-click on ‘Geometry’ inside the ‘Model’ tab as shown by the red arrow above. And hover your mouse on the ‘Export…’ section as shown by the green arrow then click on ‘Geometry’.

How do I play a cxa file?

How to open file with CXA extension?

  1. Get the ANSYS Fluent. …
  2. Verify the you have the latest version of ANSYS Fluent. …
  3. Associate ANSYS Fluent Animation Metadata files with ANSYS Fluent. …
  4. Check the CXA for errors.

How do I stop animations in Ansys?

To stop the animation during playback, click the “stop” button (the square in the middle of the playback control buttons). If your animation contains very complicated scenes, there may be a slight delay before the animation stops.

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How do you make an Ansys animation fluent?

Popular Answers (1)

  1. In fluent before you run the simulation go to: solution-> calculation activities-> solution animations-> create/edit.
  2. Introduce the number of animation sequences that you want. …
  3. Run simulation.

How do I save Ansys as a ZIP file?

Go to file – archive. It will save *. wbpz file which you can share with others. Then user also need to retrieve it using file – retrieve option.

How do you save Ansys as WBPZ?

choose File> Archive in Ansys project window. In the Save Archive dialog box, navigate to the directory where you want to save the file and select the archive type: Workbench Project Archive (. wbpz) or a Zip (. zip/.

How do I open a project in Workbench?

To open a Workbench project:

  1. Choose File > Open Project, or click the Open Project toolbar button. The. Open Project dialog box opens.
  2. In the Open Project dialog box, select the existing project, and click OK. The project opens and populates the Workbench Explorer.
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