How do you select all planes in Catia?

How do I select all in Catia?

1 . Click Multi-Selection . You can also access this command by pressing CTRL+SPACE . Press Crtl key and select Subdivision Surface.

Smart Selection of Multiple Surfaces

  1. Select EdgeFillet. …
  2. Press Ctrl key and select the parent subdivision surfaces you want to modify.

How do I change planes in Catia?

To change the size of the reference planes in CATIA, go to Tools menu > Options. In the Options dialog box under Infrastructure > Part Infrastructure, click on the Display tab. Under Display in Geometry Area the size of the planes is controlled by the scroll bar next to the Axis system display size (in mm) field.

Where is Plane option in Catia?

Select the Tools -> Multi View -> View Plane Definition command from the menu bar. The Plane Definition dialog box appears. 3. Enter the desired options from the dialog box ( Isometric ).

Where is the extract tool in Catia?

Open the Extract1. CATPart document. Click Extract . The Extract Definition dialog box is displayed.

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How do I add a plane Bar in Catia?


  1. To move toolbars in CATIA V5, click and drag on the toolbar handle.
  2. Toolbars can be dragged anywhere in the CATIA V5 window. …
  3. When the toolbar is dragged to the side of the screen, and the outline turns thin, then the toolbar becomes a stacked toolbar.

How do I select only points in Catia?

For instance, if you want to select only points and surfaces, you need to activate the Point Filter and Surface Filter icons as shown below: If you deselect a type, it cannot be selected in the geometry anymore unless all other types are deselected.

How do I select an axis in Catia?

Defining an Axis System

  1. Select Insert > Axis System from the menu bar or click Axis System . …
  2. Select the point as shown to position the origin of the axis system you wish to create. …
  3. If you are not satisfied with x axis, for instance click the X Axis field and select a line to define a new direction for x axis.

How do you hide all planes in Catia Assembly?

how do i hide all planes,constraints in assembly in CATIA ?

  1. On menu line select EDIT, than on pop-up menu select SEARCH.
  2. Go to the tab ADVANCED. …
  3. When the parameters are set, then you click SEARCH and after that you click SELECT. …
  4. Click HIDE command (pop-up menu “view” or icon on toolbar “view”) and that’s it.

How do you change the plane of a sketch in Catia v5?

Select the Sketch1. object -> Change Sketch Support command. 3. Select the replacing plane.

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How do I move a sketch from one plane to another in Catia?


  1. In the Features list, double click the sketch you want to move to another plane.
  2. In the Sketch properties box that opened, click in the Sketch Plane box.
  3. Select a different plane in the Features list.

How do I get the reference element toolbar in Catia?

You can display the Reference Elements toolbar using View > Toolbars > Reference Elements (extended/compact) . Create Points: Click this icon, choose the creation method then define the required parameters.

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