How does Revit handle line weights?

Why are my lines in Revit so thick?

Causes: One of the following: Incorrect value settings for Line Weights. Incorrect values for lines in Visibility/Graphic Overrides for the view.

How do I import line weights in Revit?

In Revit, go to File > Import/Export Settings > Import Line Weights DWG/DXF and create a firm standard file for importing line weights. This is a simple table where you simply map a Revit line weight to an AutoCAD Color and the settings will be applied to linked and imported geometry. Apply Settings After the Import.

How do I turn off line weights in Revit?

You can switch off the Lineweight display by using the View Tab of the Ribbon and going to the far left on “Graphics” and pressing the ThinLine button. Alternatively, and if you are an AutoCAD user you might prefer this, you can simply type TL.

How do you scale a detail line in Revit?

Do one of the following:

  1. Select the elements to scale, and click Modify | tab Modify panel (Scale).
  2. Click Modify tab Modify panel (Scale), select the elements to scale, and then press Enter .

How do you change the line style in Revit?

See Modifying Line Styles in the Family Editor.

  1. Click Manage tab Settings panel Additional Settings drop-down Line Styles.
  2. In the Line Styles dialog, click New, and enter a new name for the line style. …
  3. Click the value for Line Weight to choose a line weight.
  4. Click the value for Line Color to choose a line color.

What are the line weights used in drawing?

The line weight is the light or darkness and width of a line. Manual pencil drafting, drafting in ink, and computer-aided drafting documents must have a variety of line weights. Varied drawing line weights, typically three, should be used on every drawing. These include light, medium, and bold lines.

How do I remove a line weight in CAD?

On the command line in AutoCAD, type LWDISPLAY and set the value to On (or 1). Alternatively, use the Show/Hide Lineweight button that can be added to the status bar.

How do I change the weight of a line in Revit family?

Click Manage tab Settings panel Object Styles. In the Object Styles dialog, click the Model Objects, Annotation Objects, or Imported objects tab. Click in the Line Weight, Line Color, or Line Pattern cell for the category you want to modify and make changes as necessary. When finished, click OK.

Can you scale 1d in Revit?

respond my need. To scale in one direction: 1. Select the object, right click-scale, snap to point (left click on ) from wich you want the object to be scaled, enter the scale value, enter, done.

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