How does SketchUp license work?

How does SketchUp subscription work?

When you sign up for a subscription you’ll prepay for the full term of your annual subscription. If you do not want to pay for an additional year you can disable auto renewal. You will be able to use the applications in your subscription for the remainder of your annual term.

Can I use my SketchUp license to a new computer?

Classic License: Transferring to a new computer or licensing multiple computers. A single-user license or sign-in subscription is associated with one person. That individual can install the license on up to 2 computers he or she is using, but only one computer can run SketchUp Pro at a particular time.

Do you need a license to use SketchUp?

To use SketchUp Pro and all the extras that come with it (including LayOut and Style Builder), you need a SketchUp Pro software license. SketchUp offers licenses for individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits.

Is SketchUp a one time purchase?

No. After that date you will need to purchase one of our subscription options. SketchUp has three commercially available subscriptions for professional use. Learn more about their features and pricing on this page.

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How can I get a free SketchUp license?

Full Version – Free Trial

  1. Visit the download page on SketchUp’s website.
  2. Select “Start free trial”.
  3. Login or register with a Trimble account.
  4. Select which industry you work in and click “Continue”.
  5. Select your interests and click “Continue”.
  6. Fill in your information & click the “Start My Trial” button.

How do I manage my SketchUp license?


  1. Open SketchUp Pro.
  2. Click Help > License > License info.
  3. Copy your serial number EXACTLY from the License Info dialog box.

Can I use SketchUp on 2 devices?

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Each single-user Classic License can be installed on up to two computers and/or devices per seat you purchased (This applies to Studio, Shop and Pro subscriptions). You should be able to use up to 2 devices at one time as long as you are only using one version of the program at a time.

How do I renew my SketchUp Pro license?

Go to the SketchUp Pro License Wizard to purchase an upgrade. After you purchase the upgrade, check your email for new license information and a link to download the latest version of SketchUp Pro. Download, install, and authorize SketchUp Pro, using the new license information from your email.

Is SketchUp for Windows only?

The SketchUp file format is OS independent. All of your models can be simply copied across and will work fine. You will need to reinstall any extensions/plugins you were using on the PC. It is not advisable to do this by simply copying them.

Is SketchUp a floating license?

If you need to use SketchUp Pro on a computer that is not connected to the network, for example, a portable computer used for client presentations, you must use a Single-user license. Mac: The network licenses are stored on the local computers.

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Where do I find my SketchUp license?

To find your SketchUp Pro license information, please do the following:

  1. Launch SketchUp Pro.
  2. Browse to the Help menu at the top of your screen.
  3. Select License > License Info from the drop-down menu. …
  4. Record the User, Company, and Serial number EXACTLY as typographical errors will prevent you from upgrading successfully.

Is SketchUp license perpetual?

Purchasing options and pricing. We offer several types of purchasing options for SketchUp for our Shop, Pro, and Studio subscriptions when buying online. We accept major credit cards and PayPal. On November 4, 2020, we stopped selling our perpetual Classic license.

Is SketchUp make 2017 free?

We still have SketchUp Make 2017 available for free download here. Be sure to download Make, not Pro, for the free version. This can be used on Mac or Windows OS for personal projects. It includes 30 days of Pro, after which the Pro features will turn off and you’ll have the free Make version.

Can SketchUp open DWG files?

Go to “file” and select “import” from the dropdown menu. In the “files of type” dropdown there will be a list of different file types you can import into your Sketchup model. Select the one that says “ACAD (. dwg).” Then, select the DWG file that you want to import from your files.

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