Is SketchUp free only for 30 days?

Is SketchUp free after 30 days?

Free 30 Day Trial

No credit card required. Create professional work with our most robust tools – free for 30 days!

How long can you use SketchUp for free?

Once the 30 days are over, the Pro features turn off and the free features remain. If you depend on SketchUp’s professional modeling and documentation features for your work, we hope you’ll consider purchasing SketchUp Pro.

How do I use SketchUp after trial expires?

The Pro trial will expire after 30 days, but if you installed the Make edition (not version) then you click through (or choose No when asked to buy or upgrade to Pro,) and you can then continue using Make but without any of the Pro features that were available during the trial period.

Does SketchUp have a free version?

SketchUp Free is the simplest free 3D modeling software on the web — no strings attached. Bring your 3D design online, and have your SketchUp projects with you wherever you go. You don’t need thousands of bells and whistles to draw in 3D…

Is SketchUp 2021 free?

Trimble offers a free cloud-based version of the software for regular users, SketchUp Free, with a great selection of tools that should be appealing to beginners.

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How long is SketchUp free trial?

The SketchUp Trial is 30 days from the day you sign up, unlimited access.

How do I extend a SketchUp trial?

You’ll see an Install Trial button just below the Purchase button. This button only appears when you access the Extension Warehouse from inside of SketchUp – click Extensions > Extension Warehouse – and look at the extension’s details page.

What happens when SketchUp subscription expires?

What happens to my subscription at the end of my two-year agreement? Your subscription will be set to auto-renew for an additional two years at the current, full-price SketchUp Pro cost. If you do not want your subscription to renew, you can log into your Trimble account to manage your renewal settings.

Does SketchUp make expire?

It’s a subscription license. When it expires, it’ll stop working. If you are using it only for personal use, you could back save your SketchUp file to 2017 and use SketchUp Make instead. It’s free for personal use but you’ll not have LayOut, the various import and export options of some pro tools like the Solid Tools.

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