Question: How do you delete a scale list in Autocad?

Click on the scale list toggle on the bottom-right of the screen. Click Custom. Select the desired scale(s) and click on Delete.

How do I get rid of xref scales in AutoCAD?

Re: Xref Plot Scale List removal. If you simply want to restore the standard scales, then type -SCALELISTEDIT at the command prompt (notice the minus sign in front). Follow the prompts at the command line to reset the scale list. This will remove all scales & install the standard AutoCAD scales.

How do I delete a block list in AutoCAD?

To Remove a Block Definition

  1. Click Application button Drawing Utilities Purge. …
  2. If necessary, click Purgeable Items.
  3. To purge blocks, use one of the following methods: …
  4. You are prompted to confirm each item in the list. …
  5. Click Purge Checked Items. …
  6. Select more items to purge, or click Close.

How do I scale a list in AutoCAD?

List of Options

  1. Scale List. Metric. …
  2. Add. Displays the Add Scale dialog box.
  3. Edit. Displays the Edit Scale dialog box. …
  4. Move Up. Moves the currently selected scale in the scale list up one position.
  5. Move Down. Moves the currently selected scale in the scale list down one position.
  6. Delete. …
  7. Reset.
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How do I remove block definition?

To remove a block definition, first delete all instances of that block. Click File > Drawing Utilities > Purge.

  1. Pick a base point.
  2. Pick the objects you wish to write out .
  3. Add a file name and path for your new drawing file.
  4. Click OK.

How do I delete multiple blocks in AutoCAD?

To include all the nested blocks we have to select Purge Nested Items. To purge specific blocks we double-click on Blocks to expand the view and select the blocks that we want to be purged. Note: If we don’t see the block that we want to purge, it is likely there are still references to it!

What is AutoCAD scale?

Scale Factor. Multiplies the dimensions of the selected objects by the specified scale. A scale factor greater than 1 enlarges the objects. A scale factor between 0 and 1 shrinks the objects. You can also drag the cursor to make the object larger or smaller.

How do you change the scale factor in AutoCAD?

To Scale an Object by a Scale Factor

  1. Click Home tab Modify panel Scale. Find.
  2. Select the object to scale.
  3. Specify the base point.
  4. Enter the scale factor or drag and click to specify a new scale.

How do I change scale 1 to 100 in AutoCAD?

For scale of 1:100 use the SCALE command to scale the rectangle 100 times. Put this rectangle around what you want to plot then plot using Window and select the corners of the rectangle. Use scale to fit for the scaling and print it out.

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