Quick Answer: How do I open a link in Revit?

How do I open a linked file in Revit?

On the Revit tab, select the linked model, and click Manage Worksets. In the Linking Worksets dialog, select a workset, and click Open.

To access tools for link management, click Manage tab Manage Project panel (Manage Links). To update linked models without closing the current project, you can reload the linked models. Unload linked models to temporarily remove them from the project.

On the Revit Links tab of the Visibility/Graphics Overrides dialog, select the check box in the Visibility column for the linked model. Check display settings: If the Visibility setting is already turned on for the linked model, check the Display Settings column of that dialog.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the project browser and select the plus next to Revit links.
  2. Right click on the link you want to edit.
  3. Select Open (and Unload). …
  4. Make the changes you want then save and sync the file.
  5. Go to File > Close (this will close all windows for the link file that you were editing).
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Unload and Reload Linked Models

  1. Click Manage tab Manage Project panel (Manage Links).
  2. In the Manage Links dialog, click the relevant tab.
  3. Select the linked model.
  4. To unload the selected model, click Unload.

How do I pin a linked model?

It is much too easy to accidentally select a linked model in Revit MEP and accidentally move it, so the link should be “pinned” in place so that people don’t move it on accident. To accomplish this select the link file and from the Modify RVT Links ribbon click the pin button.

What is linking in Revit?

Linking models is primarily intended for linking separate buildings, such as those that compose a campus. You can link architectural models, structural models, and MEP models. You can link Revit LT models to other Revit LT models.

Click View tab Graphics panel (Visibility/Graphics). On the Revit Links tab, for the linked model, do the following: In the Visibility column, select the check box. Click in the Display Settings column.

The Manage Links dialog has tabs for Revit models, IFC links, CAD Formats, DWF Markups, Point Clouds, Topography, PDF, and Images. Under the tabs are columns that provide information about the link. Tools to Manage Links. To manage a link in the model, select it in the Manage Links dialog, and use an appropriate tool.

In the drawing area, select the linked model instance, right-click, and click one of the following options: Reposition to Project Base Point: Positions the RVT link using the model’s Project Base Point as the insertion point, and aligns it to the Project Base Point in the host model.

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