Quick Answer: How do you change contours in Revit?

How do you change contours?

To Edit Contours

  1. Select the contour graphically or by using an AutoCAD command, such as PEDIT or PROPERTIES.
  2. Perform the edit to the contour. …
  3. Rebuild the surface to update the contour definition by right-clicking the surface in the Prospector tree and clicking Rebuild.

How do you edit contour labels in Revit?

Open a site plan view, and select a contour line label. Click Modify | Contour Labels tab Properties panel (Type Properties).

Change the Appearance of Contour Line Labels

  1. Click Duplicate.
  2. Enter a name for the new contour label type, and click OK.
  3. Change the parameters as desired, and click OK.

How do you add contour lines in Revit?

Contour labels display in site plan views.

Label Contour Lines

  1. Create a topographic surface with different elevations.
  2. Open a site plan view.
  3. Click Massing & Site tab Modify Site panel (Label Contours).
  4. Sketch a line that intersects one or more contour lines.

How do you change the contour color in Civil 3d?


  1. Go to Surface Style>Contours tab.
  2. Under Contour range set “Use Color Scheme” to True.
  3. Apply and close dialog.

How do you change contour elevations in Civil 3d?

Opening the Surface Style – Standard menu from the settings tab (Double-click to open). On the Contours Tab, expand the Contour Intervals and the Major and Minor Contour Intervals can be updated. Contour intervals can be updated from the Contour Tab within the Surface Styles Menu as shown.

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How do I change the Topography elevation in Revit?

Select the tool, select the toposurface, then select the floor. You’ll see the menu below appear. You can set the relative elevation to the toposurface, which you should adjust. Click OK and let the plugin calculate.

How are contour lines drawn on maps?

Contour lines are the main characteristics of a map. Contour lines are lines drawn on a map with equal elevation points, so elevation would be constant if you followed the contour line physically. The elevation and terrain shape of the contour lines shows.

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