Quick Answer: What is part list in Civil 3D?

How do you create parts in Civil 3D?

To create a parts list

  1. In Toolspace, on the Settings tab, expand the Pipe Networks collection, right-click Parts List, and click New. …
  2. Click the Information tab, enter a name for the parts list and, optionally, a description.

How do I add a part to a Civil 3D catalog?

Go into the “Parts List” dropdown and click “Set Network Catalog” from the options. From the “Pipe Network Catalog Settings” dialog, you should see the default catalog location from when Civil 3D was first installed. Select the folder icon. Now, navigate to the server location where your custom catalog is saved.

How do I add a part size in Civil 3D?

To add new sizes for the part, click a parameter value such as the LenB1 parameter, and click Edit on the toolbar. The Edit Values dialog box is displayed. Click Add and enter a new size. When you are finished adding sizes, click OK.

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What are layers in Civil 3D?

Each object in Autodesk Civil 3D has a base layer on which the object physically resides, and component layers that control the display of object components, such as surface triangles or contours. The base layer is defined in the Drawing Settings or at creation time.

How do I add parts to a parts list?

In the Select Parts List dialog box, click Edit Current Selection. In the Network Parts List dialog box, on the Structures tab, right-click the parts list name in the tree view. Click Add Part Family.

What is infrastructure parts editor?

The Infrastructure Parts Editor is a parametric shape editing tool for creating parts catalogs that are compatible with Autodesk InfraWorks and Autodesk Civil 3D. Once you install the Parts Editor , you can open the Parts Editor by clicking the Parts Editor icon from within Autodesk InfraWorks or Autodesk Civil 3D.

What is a pipe network parts list?

The pipe networks feature references a part catalog and a parts list that define the size, shape, and certain behavior of the parts (pipes and structures) you insert into drawings.

How do you load a pipe catalog in Civil 3D?

To Specify the Pipe Network Part Catalog

  1. Click Home tab Create Design panel Set Pipe Network Catalog Find.
  2. On the Pipe Network Catalog Settings dialog box, click the folder icon to browse to the location of the pipe network catalog folder. …
  3. Select the desired folder and click Open.

How do I add a pipe size in Civil 3D?


  1. At the command prompt, enter PARTBUILDER.
  2. Change to the Pipe Part Catalog.
  3. Highlight the pipe part that you want to modify/add.
  4. Click Modify Part Sizes.
  5. In the Content Builder, navigate to Size Parameters.
  6. Highlight any parameter, and then right-click.
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How do you add parts to a pipe network?

In the Prospector tree, click the pipe network object, right-click, and click Edit Network. The Network Layout Tools toolbar is displayed. On the Network Layout Tools toolbar, click and select one of the following choices: Pipes and Structures, Pipes Only, or Structures Only.

What is a null structure in Civil 3D?

A null structure object is a special type of structure object that is inserted automatically when you connect a pipe directly to another pipe, with no structure shape between the two pipes.

How do I create a pipe network profile?

Click Profile tab Launch Pad panel Draw Parts In Profile View Find. In the drawing, select the pipe network parts you wish to add to the profile view, or enter E to select an entire pipe network. Select a profile view.

What is a layer style?

A layer style is simply one or more layer effects and blending options applied to a layer. Layer effects are things like drop shadows, stroke, and color overlays.

How do you view layers in Civil 3d?

On the Home ribbon, expand the Layers panel and click the Layer Walk tool. The program displays a LayerWalk dialog. In the title bar of the dialog box, you can see the total number of layers in the drawing.

How do I change a layer in Civil 3d?

Right-click, and then click CAD Drawing Object > Properties.

If you want to change a setting for a layer, simply click it:

  1. Clicking the word Yes changes it to No.
  2. Clicking a color will open the Colors dialog, where you can specify a different color.
  3. Clicking the line weight lets you specify a new weight.
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