What is constrain in Catia?

How do I use constraints in Catia?

Geometrical Constraints

Click Circle from the Profile toolbar. Select the corner center to define the one of the circle. Drag the cursor to define the circle dimensions. Click in the geometry when you are satisfied with the dimensions.

What is constraints in drawing?

Parametric drawing is a technology that is used for designing with constraints, which are associations and restrictions applied to 2D geometry. There are two general types of constraints: Geometric constraints control the relationships of objects with respect to each other.

What is meant by constraints in CAD?

A constraint in computer-aided design (CAD) software is a limitation or restriction imposed by a designer or an engineer upon geometric properties of an entity of a design model that maintains its structure as the model is manipulated.

How do I show constraints in Catia v5?

Select Analyze -> Constraints . The Constraint Analysis dialog box is displayed. The Constraints tab displays the status of the constraints of the selected component: Active Component displays the name of the active component.

What is a constraint tool?

The constraints tool makes the process of calculating constraint inequalities as easy as possible. Extreme combinations of factors (a vertex) will not produce a meaningful and/or measurable response. To use the constraints tool, identify the problem vertex to exclude from the design.

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How can you remove a constraint?

To delete a check constraint

  1. In Object Explorer, expand the table with the check constraint.
  2. Expand Constraints.
  3. Right-click the constraint and click Delete.
  4. In the Delete Object dialog box, click OK.

What is a horizontal constraint?

Description. The Horizontal Constraint forces a selected line or lines in the sketch to be parallel to the horizontal axis of the sketch.

What is an assembly constraint?

Assembly constraints establish the orientation of the components in the assembly and simulate mechanical relationships between components.

How does offset constraint work in Catia?

The offset value is always displayed next to the offset constraint. The tolerance in the offset computation and update i.e. the smallest distance that can be used to differentiate two elements is set at 10 -3 millimeters. The unit used is the unit displayed in the Units tab of the Tools > Options dialog box.

What are constraints available for assembly?

The Assembly tab has the following constraints to control position: A mate constraint positions the components so the selected faces are parallel to one another. The mate condition positions the faces opposite each other. The flush condition positions the faces in the same direction.

What are dimensional constraints?

Dimensional Constraints control the distance, length, diameter, radius, and angle values of entities. Changing the value of Dimensional Constraints changes the dimension of the related entities.

How do you remove constraints in AutoCAD?

To turn off geometric constraints:

  1. On the command line in AutoCAD, enter CONSTRAINTINFER and set the value to 0 (zero)
  2. Enter CONSTRAINTSETTINGS command and on the Geometric tab, uncheck the box for “Infer geometric constraints.”
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What is the use of infer constraints in AutoCAD?

With Infer Constraints toggled on, AutoCAD automatically adds the appropriate constraints to the rectangle. Now, when you drag a corner of the rectangle, the rectangle retains its intended shape.

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