What is defined in a work object Catia?

What does define in work object do?

The Scan and Define in Work Object capability allows you to design part features without taking the complete part into account. This task shows how to scan the part and define a local object.

How do we know whether the feature is defined as the current work object?

From the specification tree, right-click the feature you want to define as current and select the Define in Work Object contextual command. The feature is now the current object. If you create a new feature, you can see that when created, the application sets it as the new current object.

Run a Quick Search for a Named Object

  1. Select Edit > Search (or press Ctrl+F ). …
  2. Click the General tab: …
  3. Enter the name sketch* in the Name list. …
  4. Click the Search button: …
  5. Click Select . …
  6. Click OK to exit search mode. …
  7. Run the Search command once again by pressing Ctrl+F.
  8. Display the Query list by clicking the black arrow.
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When analyzing a component Catia says it has 6 degrees of freedom What is the meaning of that?

Six degrees of freedom (6DOF) refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space.

What is the full form of Catia?

CATIA (Computer-Aided Three dimensional Interactive Application) software is a complete multi-platform solution for computer-aided design, manufacturing, engineering, 3D and PLM.

What is Parametric Modelling in Catia?

Abstract: The goal of the CAD parametric modeling is to create a 3D representation, flexible and complex enough to encourage the engineer to easily consider a variety of designs with the cost of applying changes as low as possible.

How do you make a hollow box in Catia?

Creating Shells

  1. Select the face to be removed.
  2. Click Shell . The Shell Definition dialog box appears. …
  3. Enter 15mm in the Default inside thickness field.
  4. Click OK . …
  5. Double-click the shell to edit it.
  6. Decrease the inside thickness value. …
  7. Click OK . …
  8. Double-click the shell again and click the Other thickness faces field.

Where is the extract tool in Catia?

Open the Extract1. CATPart document. Click Extract . The Extract Definition dialog box is displayed.

How do I find the Catia toolbar?

Go to View > Toolbars and check if enabling any of the listed toolbars displays the icon.

How do I add a plane Bar in Catia?


  1. To move toolbars in CATIA V5, click and drag on the toolbar handle.
  2. Toolbars can be dragged anywhere in the CATIA V5 window. …
  3. When the toolbar is dragged to the side of the screen, and the outline turns thin, then the toolbar becomes a stacked toolbar.
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