What is sweep in Catia?

What is sweep in design?

Sweep features are defined by using custom 2D cross-section (or face) moved along a pre-set path to create a 3D shape or surface. With the sweep method, the user defines a 2-D or 3-D guide curve, in addition to creating the cross-section.

How do you do a sweep in Catia?

With pulling direction

  1. Click Sweep . …
  2. Click the Explicit profile icon and select With pulling direction from the Subtype drop-down list.
  3. Select the Profile to be swept out (DemoProfile2).
  4. Select a first Guide curve (DemoGuide1).
  5. Select a Direction (zx plane).
  6. Optionally, you can impose an Angle .

What is adaptive sweep in Catia?

Home >Blog >Where Can the ADAPTIVE SWEEP Tool Be Advantageous Over SWEEP in CATIA V5? The adaptive sweep tool keeps the user in control, allowing them to control the profile length, angle, etc along the sweep.

How many types of sweep are there in Catia?

There are total 21 types of sweep surface commands in CATIA V5 mainly.

What is sweep surface?

Sweep Surfaces are surfaces that are generated from a section curve positioned along a path. Various Sweep types are available to extend the sweep definition as follows: Sweep by Two Guide Curves is defined as moving and adjusting a section curve along two guide curves.

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What is surfacing in Catia?

CATIA Surfacing (Generative Shape Design) training course

CATIA’s Generative Shape Design Workbench contains surfacing tools for creating geometry that is otherwise impossible to make with standard part design tools, such as pads, revolves, sweeps, and multi-section solids.

How do you use multi section solid in Catia?

Click Multi-sections Solid . The Multi-sections Solid Definition dialog box appears. Select the three section curves as shown: They are highlighted in the geometry area.


  1. Remove the selected curve.
  2. Replace the selected curve by another curve.
  3. Add another curve.
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