What is the difference between SOLIDWORKS standard and professional?

What is the difference between SOLIDWORKS standard professional and premium?

SOLIDWORKS Premium builds on SOLIDWORKS Professional by adding structural and motion analysis capabilities, advanced surface flattening, reverse engineering, and electrical cable and pipe routing functionality.

What does SOLIDWORKS professional include?

The Professional suite adds photo-realistic rendering capability and eDrawings Professional (which allows you to send SW files to a client or customer who does not have SolidWorks and gives them the ability to open and read the file, extract dimensions and mark it up, etc.).

What’s included in SOLIDWORKS standard?

Key features included with SOLIDWORKS Standard:

  • Part and Assembly 3D Modeling.
  • 2D Drawings.
  • Design Reuse and Automation.
  • Collaborate and Share CAD Data.
  • Interference Check.
  • First-Pass Analysis Tools.
  • CAM Programming.
  • Design for Manufacturing.

What are the levels of SOLIDWORKS?

There are three SOLIDWORKS Certification levels you can earn.

  • Level one: Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)
  • Level two: Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP)
  • Level three: Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE)

Is SOLIDWORKS professional or premium better?

SOLIDWORKS Premium adds powerful simulation and design validation to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional, plus reverse engineering, and advanced wire and pipe routing functionality.

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Does SOLIDWORKS professional include FEA?

SolidWorks has a third tier in its CAD packages, this uppermost tier is called SolidWorks Premium. It includes more features again; more FEA capability, allowing work on static, stress and motion on assemblies and parts, a routing feature for harnessing and tooling, CircuitWorks, and many more!

Does SOLIDWORKS professional include simulation?

Building upon the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Premium integrates powerful simulation analysis, design validation and ECAD/MCAD collaboration. Reverse engineering, advanced wire and pipe routing are also included in the Premium offering.

Does SOLIDWORKS composer come with professional?

SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Professional

It includes all the features of the SOLIDWORKS Composer Player, but also enables you to interrogate a model, adjust the viewing angle, and rotate/pan/zoom in real time. You can also use custom APIs to customize the Player.

Does solidworks simulation come with SOLIDWORKS professional?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is offered in Standard, Professional, and Premium packages.

How much does SOLIDWORKS standard cost?

SolidWorks Standard price

The price for one license of SolidWorks Standard is $3995 with an annual maintenance fee of $1295.

Is AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS better?

Short Verdict

Both AutoCAD and Solidworks are comparable tools. AutoCAD is better suited for general-purpose 2D and 3D drafting, while Solidworks excels in developing sophisticated 3D models and simulations.

How much does SOLIDWORKS 2020 cost?

The Cost of SOLIDWORKS and Subscription Services? One standalone license is $4,195. The annual subscription service price, which covers technical support, upgrades, and more for one year, is $1,295. SOLIDWORKS product licenses are offered in a tiered system of Standard, Professional, and Premium.

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What is the highest SOLIDWORKS certification?

Expert. A Certified Solidworks Expert (CSWE) has the highest level certificate the program has to offer. Those that pass the exam have proven to be able to solve almost any design task in Solidworks presented to them, and possess a thorough understanding of all advanced functions of the software.

Can I get SOLIDWORKS for personal use?


The world’s best design tools are now available for everyone pursuing their hobbies and personal projects. Start designing your dream project today, from anywhere, on any device, using cloud-connected and browser-based design tools.

What is SOLIDWORKS CAM standard?

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard lets you quickly program individual milled parts and configurations without leaving the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment. You have full access to defining rules within SOLIDWORKS CAM to create and build to your company standards, as well as Tolerance-Based Machining (TBM).

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