Which is the tab that is part of tool space in Civil 3D?

Which is the tab that is part of tool space?

Toolspace tabs. Toolspace palette is the area on the left side of the screen. This area includes tabs, preview window, and active drawing view/master view.

How do you get tool space in Civil 3D?

To Open or Close the Toolspace Window

  1. Click Home or View tab Palettes panel Toolspace . Note: At least one Toolspace tab must be in the “open” state or the Toolspace button is grayed out. …
  2. If the tabs you want to use are not open in the Toolspace window, use the following ribbon buttons to open them: Prospector.

What is Tool space in AutoCAD?

The Toolspace window is an integral component in the user interface for accessing commands, styles, and data. Use it to access the Prospector, Settings, Survey, and Toolbox tabs. Right click each collection or item on these tabs to access commands.

What is prospector in Civil 3D?

You can use the Prospector tab to manage project and drawing objects. About the Prospector Tab Icons. Use the icons at the top of the Prospector tab to control whether item previews are enabled, to control the orientation of the item and list views, to display the Panorama window, and to access Help.

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How do you turn on the Prospector tab in Civil 3D?

If the Prospector tab is not visible, click the Home tab of the rib- bon and then click the Prospector icon on the Palettes panel.

What is the main function of the Panorama window?

What is the main function of the Panorama window? Reviewing and editing tabular AEC object data.

When the style cell value for a point in the Point editor is empty What style does the point have?

Click in a cell to specify a new point label style or remove the point label style. If this field is empty, the point uses a point label style specified by a point group.

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