Why can I extrude a sketch in Fusion 360?

Why can’t I extrude a sketch in Fusion 360?

To solve this problem, enable Show Profile as follows: Right-click on the affected sketch within the timeline or the browser tree. Select Edit sketch. Activate Show Profile and save the change.

How do you extrude a sketch in Fusion 360?

Learn how to use the Extrude command to create a solid body from a sketch profile or face in Fusion 360.

  1. On the toolbar, click Solid > Create > Extrude . …
  2. In the canvas, select one or more coplanar sketch profiles or planar faces to extrude.
  3. In the dialog, select an extrude Type:

Why can’t I see my sketch in Fusion 360?

Solution 1 : Turn on visibility for all bodies.

If the model is a complex assembly, the easiest way to turn on all visibility is by right-clicking the top-level component and selecting “Show All Bodies”. This will turn on the visibility of all bodies in the entire model.

What is a green line in Fusion 360?

That means the sketches are locked (fix/unfix command) in the sketch pallet. Or they have been broken and fixed. If they are from a svg they are the same. You can select them when the sketch is active and click on the fix/unfix command to unlock them.

What does extruding mean?

transitive verb. : to force, press, or push out. intransitive verb. : to become extruded.

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How do you Extrude parts of a sketch?

When you pick an extrude plane/feature, pick the sketch from the design tree. If that doesn’t automatically select all of them, then right click and hold in the top right most region of the sketch and drag to the bottom left to highlight all entities in the sketch.

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