You asked: How do I import RCP into Revit?

Can you open an RCP file in Revit?

Click Open. For . rcp and . rcs format files, Revit retrieves the current version of the point cloud file and links it to the project.

How do I open an RCP file?

An RCP filetype can be opened in most Autodesk programs including AutoCad and Revit. The 3D scanning company who undertook the 3D scanning works should be able to provide you with an RCP file / folders. An RCP can also be opened in a free to use program called “AutoDesk Recap” which can be downloaded here.

What is the difference between RCP and RCS?

RCS files are scan files that contain the actual spatially indexed point cloud data. RCP files are project files that point to a number of RCS files and contain additional information such as scan regions, recorded distances, and annotations.

How do I import an e57 file into Revit?

What is e57 file format and how to bring it into Revit?

  1. Link the “Point Cloud” under “Insert” tab and “Link” menu ribbon options. …
  2. Now, I’ll try to import the e57 file format using “Auto – Origin to Origin” positioning and see what will happen.
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What file types can Revit import?

Revit supports a wide range of industry standards and file formats, including:

  • Revit native formats: RVT, RFA, RTE, RFT.
  • CAD formats: DGN, DWF, DWG, DXF, IFC, SAT, and SKP.
  • Image formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and TIF.
  • Other formats: ODBC, HTML, TXT, and gbXML.

What software opens RCP files?

The software recommended for managing RCP files is Rich Chart Builder. Software named Rich Chart Builder was created by Pacific Software.

What is RCP file format?

rcp format file is a project file that groups together multiple . rcs scan files. The result of indexing a raw format file is an . rcp file and one or more . rcs files.

Can AutoCAD open RCP files?

Recap can import almost any scan data enabling you to view and analyse the data. Not only that but you can save your work as an RCS or RCP file which can be imported into most Autodesk software such as AutoCAD or Revit.

What is a point cloud in Revit?

Point cloud is a set of data points in a 3D coordinate system representing the external surface of an object or building including its geometry and color. 3D scanners are used to measure Point cloud data as a set of vector points, which are then converted to accurate parametric REVIT models.

What is cloud in Revit?

You can sketch revision clouds in all views except 3D views. Click Annotate tab Detail panel (Revision Cloud). Revit enters sketch mode. On the Tools panel, click one of the draw tools. In the drawing area, place the cursor near the part of the view that has changed and draw the cloud to encompass the changed area.

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What is a ReCap file?

ReCap (Reality Capture) is a format used by Autodesk software to store spatially indexed point cloud data. RCS files contain the actual data. Files begin with the hex values ” 41444F4354 ” or in ASCII “ADOCT”. RCP files are project files linking to the data in RCS files and containing some metadata.

How do I import a PTS file into AutoCAD?

PTS is Ascii data, therefore to import your PTS file you now need to select from the PointCloud Menu Import (Other Formats)->Import Point cloud ASCII . A window should open allowing you to select the input file, the name of the exported PCG and the file format.

How do I open an e57 file in AutoCAD?


  1. Import the . e57 file into Autodesk ReCap to progress and convert the file to an . RCP file.
  2. Use the . RCP file to import the Point Cloud into AutoCAD.
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