You asked: How do I rescale ArchiCAD?

How do you change the size of an object in archicad?

The Object was probably scripted to be a single size.

Just to be sure, the steps are:

  1. Select Object.
  2. Right Click on object and select convert to morph.
  3. Select Object.
  4. Edit-> Reshape-> Resize.
  5. Select either Graphically or unselect it so that you can use a %

How do I scale an image in archicad?

Use the Resize command in Archicad (CMD-K or CTRL-K by default) using the “Define graphically” option. Once you have done that you can go to the Resize dialogue again and see the scale factor that was used. Use the same factor in Photoshop if you want to scale it there.

How do I scale a group in archicad?

You can scale (Resize – CMD+K on Mac, CTRL+K on PC) a group of 2D elements the same way you scale a single item. Just make sure Groups are suspended when you perform the command.

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How do I use the archicad stretch tool?

To stretch/shrink a straight line with the menu command:

  1. Select a line.
  2. Choose the Edit > Reshape > Stretch command.
  3. Click an endpoint of the selected line and move it.
  4. Click again to either define the new endpoint as an extension (or reduction) of the previous length.
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How do I move walls in archicad?

“M” for measure, click the start point, type in the distance and press the little “mark position” icon. This will place a guide line and circle at the location you want. Now just drag the wall there. Or you can just drag the wall across to where you want to measur from and then drag it again the distance you want.

How do I scale a PDF in archicad?

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 12-3)

If the PDF is not at the proper size, then it can be resized easily using the Edit menu > Reshape > Resize command.

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