Best answer: How do I change the direction of the sun in SketchUp VRAY?

How do I change the direction of sunlight in VRAY?

So go to “View” then to “Toolbars” and turn on the Shadows toolbar. Once you do that, you can see it appears in the top right-hand corner. Zoom in and turn your shadows on by clicking the shadow icon in the shadows toolbar. When you do that, you can see you have control of where the sunlight is coming from.

Why is my V-Ray render so dark?

Rendering > Render Setup > Effects > Photographic exposure settings may be turned On or are set inappropriately for the scene’s render engine and/or lighting setup. … Gamma correction may be turned Off in the 3ds Max preferences, resulting in dark-appearing test renders.

How do I make my V-Ray light invisible?

The “Invisible” checkbox affects on the visibility of the light in the camera only. You need to turn the “Affect reflections” checkbox off.

Why is my render so bright?

The following outlines some of the conditions that could affect the brightness of a rendered image: Brightness is too high or low. … Disable the Sunlight system or adjust the exposure setting in the Render Environment & Exposure palette. Generic lights were added to the drawing instead of photometric (physical) lighting.

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