Best answer: How do I use IES files in Revit?

How do I open an IES file in Revit?

IES files can be opened with Photometrics Pros, Photometric Toolbox, Autodesk’s Architecture and Revit software, RenderZone, the Visual lighting software, and Photopia.

What is IES file in Revit?

An IES file is a text file provided by a lighting manufacturer. It describes the intensity of a light source at points on a spherical grid. It also describes the geometry of how the light comes out of the lighting fixture (the photometric web).

What is a photometric web file?

Photometrics help to define the visible light that displays in a rendered image of a building model. … They include parameters such as Light Loss Factor, Initial Intensity, and Initial Color Control. When you specify that the light distribution of a light source is Photometric Web, you can specify an IES file.

How do I create an IES file?

How to Create IES Files

  1. Open a Web browser window and navigate to the Downloads page at
  2. Click the “IES Generator 4 Software” box at the center of the window. …
  3. Click the white “Download” button in the center of the window, then save the file to your computer.

How do I read IES files in text?

An IES file can also be opened for free with IES Viewer, as well as online through AcuityBrands’ Visual Photometric Tool. A simple text editor, like Notepad in Windows or one from our Best Free Text Editorslist, can also open IES files because the files are in plain text.

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What is IES Standard?

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) publishes standards for the lighting industry. These standards guide lighting professionals and others via recommendations for product designs, output and best practice. IES standards ensure you can: Adopt proven illumination guidelines.

What is the use of Goniophotometer?

A goniophotometer is a photometric device that is used to measure the perceived power of a light source at different angles. It is mostly used to test the luminous flux of directed light sources such as LED and automotive headlights.

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