Best answer: Who is known as the chief architect?

In information technology (IT), a chief architect is a c-level executive whose job is to look closely at how IT functions can be centralized so that departments across the company can work together seamlessly. The chief architect may also be called the enterprise architect (EA).

Who is the chief architect of India?

Robert Tor Russell

Robert Tor Russell CIE DSO
Died 1972 Tiverton, Devon, England
Education Bedford Modern School
Known for Chief Architect to the Public Works Department, Government of India
Parent(s) Samuel Bridgman Russell

Who makes chief architect?

For the professional architectural and building market, it publishes the Chief Architect product line. For the consumer DIY market, it publishes the Home Designer product line. Chief Architect Software is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, United States.

Chief Architect Software.

Type Private
Website /

What does a chief architect do?

Chief architects are C-level executives in information technology (IT) who look at IT functions that may be centralized for seamless collaboration. They are also called enterprise architects who design and manage the software release team base on the scrum/agile development methodologies.

Who is called as the architect of modern India?

Nehru : The Architect of Modern India.

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Which one is no longer a fundamental right?

The Indian Constitution does not recognise property right as a fundamental right. In the year 1977, the 44th amendment eliminated the right to acquire, hold and dispose of property as a fundamental right.

Who can declare emergency in India?

(1) If the President is satisfied that a situation has arisen whereby the financial stability or credit of India or of any part of the territory thereof is threatened, he may by a Proclamation make a declaration to that effect.

Is Chief Architect Better Than Revit?

Cheif Architect is capable of fairly complex construction, HD renderings and walk through videos. Revit is undoubtedly more robust with features and capabilities. Both are great platforms for home design. I’m also comparing both platforms and plan to buy inhte next 2 weeks.

How much do architects make?

The average annual wage for architects in the United States currently is $89,560. Year after year, the average salary for architects has steadily increased on the national level. In 2017, the mean annual wage was $87,500 for architects, $88,860 in 2018 and $89,560 as of 2019.

What is the highest position in architecture?


Licensed architect or non-registered graduate with more than 10 years of experience; has a design or technical focus and is responsible for significant project activities.

Who Should chief architect report to?

That is really left up to the various heads of development, or the VP of Engineering. A Chief Architect Officer implements the company’s tech vision, and make the overarching software architecture. They would be leading the software, systems, cloud architect team and so on.

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