Frequent question: What is crop view in Revit?

How do you crop a 3D view in Revit?

In the drawing area, select the crop region. Click Modify tab Crop panel (Size Crop). The Crop Region Size dialog opens. If you are modifying a crop region in a perspective 3D view, select either Field of view or Scale (locked proportions).

How do I edit crop view?

To edit a Crop View:

  1. Right-click the drawing view in the graphics area or in the FeatureManager design tree and select Crop View > Edit Crop.
  2. Edit the profile.
  3. Click Rebuild to update the view.

How do you plot a sheet in Revit?

Under Print Range, select Selected Views/Sheets. Click Select. In the View/Sheet Set dialog, select the views and sheets to print to PDF, and click OK. Under File, to generate a single PDF file that contains all of the selected views and sheets, select Combine Multiple Selected Views/Sheets into a Single File.

How do you edit a viewport in Revit?

Modify a View on a Sheet

  1. Open the sheet.
  2. In the drawing area, select a view on the sheet. …
  3. Click Modify | Viewports tab Viewport panel (Activate View). …
  4. Modify the view as desired. …
  5. To deactivate the view on the sheet, double-click outside of the view, or right-click, and click Deactivate View.

What are crop regions?

The crop region defines the boundaries for a project view. You can display a model crop region and an annotation crop region in all graphical project views. Perspective 3D views do not support the annotation crop region. You can show or hide model and annotation crop regions.

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How do you change the annotation crop in Revit?

To edit the annotation crop boundary:

  1. Within the Properties palette, check the Crop View, Crop Region Visible, and Annotation Crop checkboxes.
  2. Within the view, select the Crop Region. …
  3. Use the grip edits to stretch the Annotation boundary as needed.
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