How do I install Chief Architect libraries?

Where are chief architect libraries stored?

On your keyboard, hold the Windows Key and press R once to open a Run dialog. In the Open line of the Run dialog, type %programdata% and press OK. Locate and browse into the Chief Architect Premier X13 folder. This is the default file location for Core, Bonus, and Manufacturer libraries.

Can you use Chief Architect on multiple computers?

A license of Chief Architect can only be active on one computer at any given time. If you have been running the software on one computer and wish to run it on a different computer, or if you wish to rename your computer, you must deactivate your license first.

How do I download home design catalogs?


  1. Launch Home Designer and start a New Plan .
  2. Select Library> Install Core Content from the menu. …
  3. When the Core Catalogs have been completely installed, an information message will display advising that “Your Library Catalogs are up to date.” Click OK.

How do I find my Chief Architect product key?

If the software was purchased as a download from Chief Architect, the Product Key can be found by signing into your Chief Architect Online Account and accessing the Digital Locker: Downloads, Product Keys & License Management link.

How do I disable chief architect?

To deactivate a license locally

  1. Launch Chief Architect or Home Designer on the computer where your license is active.
  2. Select Help> Manage License from the menu.
  3. A message will confirm that you wish to deactivate the license. Click Yes.
  4. The software will then close signaling it was deactivated successfully.
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Can you import a PDF into Chief Architect?

You can import . pdf files into Chief Architect in floor plan view, cross section/elevation views, CAD details, and into the layout. Once imported, PDF boxes behave and can be edited similar to imported pictures.

How do I copy a layout in Chief Architect?

Open a Chief Architect plan that contains text you would like to copy. Using the Select Objects tool, select the text you wish to copy. Click the Copy/Paste edit button or navigate to Edit> Copy using the menu.

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