How do you show voids in Revit?

How do you show voids in a plan?

Right click in the third floor plan (empty area) and select override graphics in view, select element, and change the surface pattern to solid, pick a color and say OK.

How do you get a void extrusion in Revit?

Click Modify | Create Extrusion tab Mode panel (Finish Edit Mode). Revit Architecture completes the extrusion and returns you to the view in which you started the extrusion. To view the extrusion, open a 3D view.

How do you edit a void in Revit?

Follow the steps below to edit the void.

  1. Find the void in the Project Browser.
  2. Right click on the type from the Project Browser.
  3. Click on “Select all Instances.. “
  4. Choose “In entire project”
  5. From the Ribbon select “Edit In Place”

How do you make a void family in Revit?

Create a Void Family with an Elliptic Profile

  1. Create a new family using the Metric Generic Model face based. …
  2. Select the 3D Front view.
  3. Click Create tab Datum panel (Reference Plane).
  4. Place a new horizontal reference plane in the middle of the slab extrusion:
  5. Select the new reference plane.
  6. In the Properties palette:
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Why is void extrusion orange?

“When you create a void form while in the Family Editor, it will appear in the 3D views as a transparent form and as orange lines in plan and elevation views, as long as it is not cutting any solid geometry.” So, if it’s not cutting anything, then it’ll be orange.

What does void floor plan mean?

Voids are described as a completely empty space. … Hallbury Homes incorporates voids into their designs, not to waste space but to generate it. A void is typically utilised in double storey homes, whereby the flooring between the lower and upper floor is removed.

What void means?

The word “void” refers to gaps between constituent particles. In a densely packed structure, voids refer to the empty space between constituent particles (voids in chemistry). … When atoms are arranged in square close packing or hexagonal close packing, we see empty spaces between them in 2-dimensional structures.

Whats a void in a house?

A void is a ‘vacant’ area where a floor would normally be on the second storey. … An area that is fully enclosed or trapped between other services, rooms or walls within a building and occupy floor area. Void spaces have floors within them and are not penetrations or shafts.

Where is the cut Geometry tool in Revit?

Click Modify tab Geometry panel Cut drop-down (Cut Geometry). Select the object to be cut. Select the instance with which to cut.

How do you cut a void wall in Revit?


  1. Edit the in place wall.
  2. Create a new void extrusion that will define the opening.
  3. Use the “Cut” tool and select the void geometry.
  4. Finish the solid edition.
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How do you change a void extrusion in Revit?

To change the extrusion to a solid or a void, under Identity Data, for Solid/Void, select Solid or Void. Click Apply. Click Modify | Edit Extrusion tab Mode panel (Finish Edit Mode).

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