Question: Do reference planes print in Revit?

Yes you can. The setting is in your print setup settings. Regarding reference planes subcategories, this is a new feature only recently available in Revit 2017.

How do reference planes work in Revit?

Use the Line tool or the Pick Line tool to draw a reference plane.

  1. On the ribbon, click (Reference Plane). Architecture tab Work Plane panel (Reference Plane) Structure tab Work Plane panel (Reference Plane) …
  2. To draw a line: On the Draw panel, click (Line). …
  3. To pick an existing line: On the Draw panel, click (Pick Lines).

Where is reference plane in Revit?

On the ribbon, click (Reference Plane). To draw a line: On the Draw panel, click (Line). In the drawing area, draw the reference planes by dragging the cursor.

What is the difference between reference plane and reference line?

What is the difference between reference planes and reference lines? A Reference Plane is an infinite plane that servers as a guide for drawing lines and geometry. A Reference Line creates a line similar to a reference plane, but that has logical start and end points.

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How do you pin a reference plane in Revit?

You can use the “pin” tool on them. Select the referecne plane you want to hold in place and then on the modify panel on the ribbon select the “pin” icon or use the keyboard shortcut of “PN”. The reference plane will now have a pushpin icon displayed when selected and will not be able to be moved.

How do you create a reference level in Revit?

In addition to creating a level for each story in a building, you can also create reference levels, such as sill level.

  1. Open the section or elevation view to add levels to.
  2. On the ribbon, click (Level). …
  3. Place the cursor in the drawing area and click. …
  4. Draw level lines by moving the cursor horizontally.

What is reference line?

A reference line, also referred to as a base line, is a user-defined vertical or horizontal line in the graph. Use reference lines to compare, reference, or measure against the data values displayed in the graph. … Reference lines are available if the X or Y axis contains a metric.

What is reference plane in balancing?

When several masses revolve in different planes, they may be transferred to a reference plane and this reference plane is a plane passing through a point on the axis of rotation and perpendicular to it. … the forces in the reference plane must balance, i.e., the resultant force must be zero and 2.

What is a Revit work plane?

A work plane is a virtual 2-dimensional surface used as the origin for a view or for sketching elements. Work Plane Set or Show or Viewer. on the Architecture, Structure, or Systems tab in projects. on the Create tab of the Family Editor.

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What is profile plane?

Profile plane of projection. In multi-view drawings, the right side view is the standard side view used. The right side view of an object shows the depth and the height dimensions. The right side view is projected onto the profile plane of projection, which is a plane that is parallel to the right side of the object.

How do I delete a reference line in Revit?

To remove reference points for a permanent dimension, delete their witness lines.

  1. Select a permanent dimension.
  2. Right-click the blue control in the middle of a witness line, and click Delete Witness Line.

What is auxiliary vertical plane?

(i) Auxiliary vertical plane is perpendicular to the H.P. and inclined. to the V.P. Projection on an A.V.P. is called auxiliary front view. (ii) Auxiliary inclined plane is perpendicular to the V.P. and inclined. to the H.P. Projection on an A.I.P. is called auxiliary top view.

Where is the reference line in Revit?

In the Family Editor, click Create tab Datum panel (Reference Line). Using the drawing tools, sketch the line. The line displays as a solitary solid line until selected or when highlighted during preselection. When selected or highlighted, the associated planes display according to the active view.

How do you lock a reference line in Revit?

After you have it – select command Align, click on vertical reference plane and then on start point of the line (use Tab to cycle through overlapping elements) and click the lock to lock it. Do the same to lock Reference Line start point to horizontal plane.

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How do you move a reference plane in Revit?

Use this tool to select a new work plane that is parallel to the existing work plane.

  1. Select a work plane-based element in a view.
  2. Click Modify | <Element> tab Work Plane panel (Edit Work Plane). …
  3. In the Work Plane dialog, select another work plane. …
  4. If needed, reposition the element on the work plane.
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