Why are some surfaces blue in SketchUp?

Why is object blue in SketchUp?

The area between the edges? If that is the case the blue colour you are seeing is probably the back face colour, the white is the front face colour. So if you have a cube, all of the outside faces should be white and inside blue. They will sometimes change depending on what SketchUp thinks is the external face.

What does white mean in SketchUp?

Hi, Faces have 2 sides: The ‘white’ side is the front, and the ‘grayish blue’ side is the back. [… and you can change the default color of these sides in the edit styles menu if you wanted to].

What is reverse faces in SketchUp?

One way to do this is to right click on each individual face and select “Reverse Faces.” This will swap the front face and back face orientation. This is probably the easiest way if you only have to swap a few different faces.

How do you change the color of your face in SketchUp?

It’s simple enough to change the color of a face in SketchUp, right? All you have to do is click the Paint Bucket tool, choose the color that you want to use, and then click to paint the face.

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How do I hide XYZ in SketchUp?

SketchUp enables you to hide the drawing axes in two ways:

  1. Context-click an open area on an axis and select Hide from the menu that appears.
  2. Select View > Axes from the menu bar. When a check mark appears next to the Axes menu item, selecting this option clears the Axes menu item and the axes are hidden from view.

How do I draw a blue axis in SketchUp?

How to draw on blue / green plane

  1. use the rotated rectangle tool.
  2. use the line tool.
  3. rotate the view to a more perpendicular view towards the desired face.
  4. rotate the rectangle after the creation.

How many axes and colors are in SketchUp?

The red, green, and blue drawing axes define 3D space in your model. If you were standing at the spot where all three axes meet (the axis origin), the blue axis would run vertically, passing through your head and feet. The red and green axes define the ground plane in SketchUp; you’d be standing on top of them.

How do I unhide in Sketchup?

Just show your hidden geometry, select the edges you want to unhide, and choose Edit→Unhide→Selected.

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