Best answer: How do you draw parallel lines in Catia?

How do I activate constraint creation switches in Catia?

Under Tools/Options/Mechanical Design/Sketcher you need to run on the Create geometrical constraints. With this on, you will be able to create these constraints pernamently. There is also an icon in the sketcher that will allow you to turn this on and off.

How do I move lines in Catia?

Modifying Center Lines or Axis Lines

  1. Click a center line. End points appear.
  2. Select any end point and drag to move all the center line extremities to a new position.
  3. Press the Ctrl key while selecting any end point and drag the selected extremity to a new position.

How do you create an offset?

How to use the Offset feature in Design Space

  1. Insert images or text onto the Canvas. …
  2. Select Offset. …
  3. Choose a corner style for your offset. …
  4. Weld Offsets is selected by default when a text box, a design with multiple layers, or multiple objects are selected. …
  5. Select Apply to create the offset.

In which toolbar offset is located?

This CAD Point Offset option is found on the CAD Point Toolbar, and is the 8th option when the toolbar files out.

How do you give constraints in Catia?

To create a precise 2D sketch in CATIA, we use constraints.


  1. Select the line.
  2. Click on Constraints Defined in Dialog Box. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Select Vertical or Horizontal, whichever is required.
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