Can you duplicate a sketch in Solidworks?

Can I copy sketch from one part to another solidworks?

To copy one or more sketch entities, select the entities, then click Edit, Copy, or press Ctrl+C. Click in the graphics area, then click Edit, Paste or press Ctrl+V. … Hold down Ctrl and drag the sketch entity into the second document.

How do you duplicate a sketch?

The Basic Workflow to copy the sketch is simple:

  1. Select the source Sketch.
  2. Type CTRL+C as a shortcut for the “Copy” command.
  3. Select the Plane that will receive the sketch.
  4. Type CTRL+P as a shortcut fr the “Paste” command.

How do I use the same sketch for multiple features in Solidworks?

To create different features with the same sketch:

  1. Create a sketch.
  2. Create a feature from the sketch.
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree, select the same sketch used to create the first feature.
  4. Create a second feature from the sketch. You can add additional sketches as required to create the features.

How do I Copy a sketch from Autocad to Solidworks?

In a SOLIDWORKS drawing, click Edit > Copy to DWG. Open a 2D editor such as DraftSight. Click CTRL + V or use the application’s paste option to paste the copied entities into a 2D drawing.

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Can you copy sketches in Onshape?

You can right click any sketch and select “Copy sketch”, and then go to a different part studio, initiate a sketch on the desired plane, right click and select “Paste sketch entities” and that sketch that you want to copy will show up.

Can you copy and paste a sketch in Onshape?

You can copy and paste the sketch entities, then use the sketch transform tool to move them.

Can you duplicate on Onshape?

To copy a tab to the clipboard, right-click a Part Studio, assembly, or drawing tab, and choose the option to “Copy to clipboard.” … So if you copy an assembly for example, all Part Studios referenced in that assembly will also be copied.

How do I reuse a sketch in Solidworks?

If you want to reuse the original sketch in another feature, simply make the sketch visible. When editing the sketch you can add contours and use them in the existing features and add new features to the new sketch entries.

What is a derived sketch in Solidworks?

Derives a sketch from another sketch that belongs to the same part, or derives a sketch from another sketch in the same assembly. When you derive a sketch from an existing sketch, you are assured that the two sketches will retain the characteristics that they share in common.

How do you send drawings in Solidworks?

To mail a part or sketch to another computer:

  1. Click File > Send To. Your electronic mail application responds with its usual dialog box.
  2. Type your mail password, the mailing address, and any other information required by your mail application.
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Where is the copy button in Solidworks?

Copies one or more items to the Microsoft Windows Clipboard. To copy: Select one or more items to copy. Click Copy (Standard toolbar) or Edit > Copy, or press Ctrl+C.

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