Can you mirror a 3D sketch in Solidworks?

Can you mirror a sketch in SolidWorks?

Mirroring Sketch Entities as You Sketch Them

(Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Dynamic Mirror . Symmetry symbols appear at both ends of the line or edge. Create the sketch entities that you want to mirror. The entities are mirrored as you sketch them.

How do I mirror a design in SolidWorks?

In a part, click Mirror (Features toolbar) or Insert > Pattern/Mirror > Mirror. See Mirroring Features. Create an opposite-hand version of a part. In a part, select a face or plane to mirror about, and then click Insert > Mirror Part.

Why is mirror part greyed out Solidworks?

If you see that the Mirror Part command is greyed out that is because you should pre-select the mirror face or plane. The Material checkbox in the Mirror Components PropertyManager is selected by default and lets you propagate the material of the mirrored part from the parent part.

How do I mirror a part in SolidWorks assembly?

Click Mirror Components (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Mirror Components. In the PropertyManager, for Selections, select the Mirror plane and the Components to Mirror and click Next . Positions the mirror so that the center of the bounding box for the selected component is mirrored about the mirror plane.

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