Frequent question: How do you scale a component in Fusion 360?

Can you scale a sketch in Fusion 360?

In the Design workspace, Solid tab, select Modify > Scale. Select the body or bodies to scale, and pick a fixed anchor point for the scaling.

How do you access preferences in Fusion 360?

To open the preferences, left-click your name in the top right corner of Fusion 360 and select Preferences.

How do you calculate scale factor?

The basic formula to find the scale factor of a figure is: Scale factor = Dimensions of the new shape ÷ Dimensions of the original shape. This can also be used to calculate the dimensions of the new figure or the original figure by simply substituting the values in the same formula.

How do you add dimensions in fusion?

First, simply click on the sketch geometry that you would like to dimension. I’ll click on the bottom line. Then, as I drag my mouse cursor away from the line, you’ll notice the sketch dimension appears. To place the dimension you’ll need to click with your mouse, which then immediately opens the dimension input field.

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