How do I change the command in Rhino?

How do you program mouse buttons in rhino?

Mouse button 4 and mouse button 5

  1. Select Rhinoceros > Commands > Customize in the menu.
  2. Create a new command set if you have not already done so.
  3. Select the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
  4. Find the Group command button by typing in the search field in the lower left part of the window.
  5. Select the Group button.

How do you edit text in Rhino?

The EditText command opens an edit box in the viewport for changing selected text, dimension, or annotation dot. Select or double-click the dimension, text, or dot. For text and dots, the display text appears in the edit box. For dimensions, <> appears in the edit box.

What does F10 do in Rhino?

3. Default Shortcuts

F1 Help
F9 Toggle Snap
F10 Points On
F11 Points Off
F12 Dig Click

How do I change the pan in rhino?

Choose what action is performed either by clicking the middle mouse button on a three-button mouse or by pressing the wheel on a wheeled mouse.

  1. Most-recently used commands popup menu. …
  2. Popup this Toolbar. …
  3. Run this Macro. …
  4. Manipulate view. …
  5. Pan (press Alt to rotate; press Ctrl to zoom)

How do you assign mouse buttons on a Mac?

In the System Preferences window, click the Mouse or Keyboard & Mouse icon to open the preference pane. Click the Mouse tab, if needed. Assign the Primary Click mouse button to either the left or right mouse button. After you make your selection, the secondary click function is assigned to the remaining mouse button.

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Are there unlimited undos in rhino?

Rhino was one of the first CAD programs to have virtually unlimited undos. In fact, many CAD programs didn’t have any for a long time.

How do you type in rhino?

The Text command creates two-dimensional annotation text.

  1. Pick the location for the text. Specify the options. …
  2. Bold. Sets all of the text to bold.
  3. Italic. Sets all of the text to italic.
  4. Align Left. Sets the horizontal text alignment to the left.
  5. Align Center. …
  6. Align Right. …
  7. Align Top. …
  8. Align Middle.
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