How do I edit a BOM table in SolidWorks?

Go to Solution. You don’t need to add polylines to the alignment. Right-click on the alignment and select “Edit Alignment.” A toolbar will appear that has everything you need to do what you want: add lines or curves, remove parts, etc. Mostly you will grip-edit, but everything you need is there.

How do I add items to BOM SolidWorks?

To insert a bill of materials:

  1. With a drawing view selected, click Insert > Tables > Excel Based Bill of Materials.
  2. In the dialog box, select an Excel template for the BOM and click Open. …
  3. In the Bill of Materials Properties dialog box, select properties from the Configuration, Contents, and Control tabs.
  4. Click OK.

How do I delete a column in Bill of Materials SolidWorks?

To select or delete a table, column, or row: Right-click in the table and choose Select or Delete, then Table, Column, or Row. If you select an entire table, press Delete to delete the table. If only a cell is selected, press Delete to delete the contents of the cell.

How do I change the order of a BOM in SolidWorks?

By changing the order in the assembly, you can control the order in the bill of materials. To change the order of components: Drag and drop the icons in the FeatureManager design tree to rearrange the order. The component is placed below the icon where you drop it (the highlighted icon).

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How do you exclude in Bom SolidWorks?

To exclude assembly components from a Bill of Materials:

  1. In the assembly document, right-click the component and click Component Properties .
  2. In the Component Properties dialog box, select Exclude from bill of materials, then click OK. You can dissolve subassemblies and combine like components in BOMs.

How do you draw a BOM in SolidWorks?

To create a BOM directly from a part or assembly:

  1. With the part or assembly open, select Insert > Tables > Bill of Materials.
  2. Set the BOM properties in the Bill of Materials PropertyManager and click . To create a parts-only BOM, select Parts only for BOM Type. …
  3. Click the graphics area to place the BOM.

How do I add a column in Bom SolidWorks?

To add custom columns to the bill of materials:

  1. Open the BOM template file. …
  2. Insert a new column where you want the information to appear. …
  3. Enter the column heading for the property you want to display in that column, and press Enter. …
  4. Click the cell to select it.

What is meant by bom?

A bill of materials (BOM) is a centralized source of information used to manufacture a product. It is a list of the items needed to create a product as well as the instructions on how to assemble that product.

How do I delete a column in bill of materials?

In the Bill of Materials dialog box, click Choose Columns . To add a column, select the column on the Customization panel, and drag and drop it to the desired position in the BOM table. To remove a BOM column, select the column heading in the BOM table, and drag and drop it to the Customization panel.

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How do I merge two tables in Solidworks?

You can merge together previously split BOMs. Right-click a split table and click Merge Tables.

How do I change item number in BOM solidworks?

To assign a new item number to the replaced component and keep it in the same row, in the Bill of Materials PropertyManager, select Keep Missing Item and Assign new item number and do not keep replaced component.

How do I change the part number in Solidworks?

To change the part number or description of the saved settings:

  1. Under Part Numbers, select the part number saved settings.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. In the Part Number dialog box, change Part number, Description, or both.
  4. Click OK.
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