How do I remove a box in room tag in Revit?

How do I remove a box around a room tag in Revit?


  1. type vv -> annotation category tab -> check show annotation…
  2. delete border around the room number label, or apply visibility parameter.
  3. select number label -> edit type -> duplicate -> check show border and adjust leader/border offset and line weight to your liking.
  4. you can also squeeze the vert. …
  5. load to project.

How do you remove room numbers in Revit?

Delete a Room

  1. If the project does not include a room schedule, create one.
  2. Display the room schedule in the drawing area.
  3. To delete one room, place the cursor in the schedule row for that room.
  4. To delete multiple rooms, do the following: …
  5. Click Modify Schedule/Quantities tab Rows panel (Delete).

How do you put a box around text in Revit?


  1. In the drawing area, select a text note for which you want to display a border.
  2. On the Properties palette, click (Edit Type).
  3. In the Type Properties dialog, under Graphics, select Show Border, and then click OK. Because you modified a type property, borders display for all notes of that type.

How do I delete a label in Revit family?

Delete a Label

  1. From the Tools menu, select Labels.
  2. Select a label from the list of labels.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. You are prompted to confirm deleting the label. Click Yes.
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What is the room command in Revit?

Open a plan view. Click Architecture tab Room & Area panel (Room). To display a room tag with the room, make sure that Tag on Placement is selected: Modify | Place Room tab Tag panel (Tag on Placement). To omit a room tag when you place the room, turn off this option.

How do I hide rooms in room schedule in Revit?

Click Modify Schedule/Quantities tab Filter Not Placed & Unenclosed Items panel (Hide). This tool filters the schedule so that it lists only the rooms that are currently placed (and enclosed). To redisplay the rooms that are not placed or enclosed in the schedule, click (Show).

How do I remove all spaces in Revit?

The space is removed from its location in the building model.

Delete the space from the plan view using any of the following methods:

  1. Press DELETE or CTRL+X .
  2. Right-click the space, and click Delete.
  3. Click Modify Spaces tab Modify panel Delete.
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