How do I reset Rhino?

How do I reset Rhino to default settings?

Close any Rhino toolbars that are not the Rhino Defaut. Go to Options → Toolbars.

For Rhino 6 and 7 for Windows

  1. This is done in 4 steps: delete the customized options and window position xmls file.
  2. Disable any plugins.
  3. Close their menus.
  4. Reset the toolbar to default.

How do I reset Rhino on Mac?

Reset Rhino Preferences

  1. Quit Rhino.
  2. Start the Terminal application found in your Applications > Utilities folder. A window with a command prompt appears.
  3. Type defaults delete com.mcneel.rhinoceros and press Return. ( …
  4. Wait until the Terminal prompt comes back. …
  5. Quit the Terminal application.

How do you reset the C plane in rhino?

To reset the CPlane, use CPlane (World) and select the worldview you would like the CPlane to lie in.

Why Is Rhino not working?

Restart in SafeMode, and check the box Use accelerated hardware modes. In the Rhino menu Tools – Options – Plug-ins, uncheck the Enabled box for all of the plug-ins that did not ship with Rhino, and check the box Ask to load disabled plug-ins at the bottom. Close Rhino and start normally (not using SafeMode).

Why is my Rhino file so big?

Display meshes – Rhino uses special meshes to display surface objects on the screen. Very fine display mesh settings can cause large file sizes without you realizing it. You see the display as normal, but you are not necessarily aware of how many polygons the display mesh has.

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