How do you change line length in FreeCAD?

How do you edit lines in FreeCAD?


  1. If you have not yet selected an object: double-click an object in the Tree view. This only work for supported Draft objects.
  2. Press the Draft Edit button.
  3. Select the Modification → Edit option from the menu.
  4. Select the Utilities → Edit option from the menu.
  5. Use the keyboard shortcut: D then E.

How do I select a line in FreeCAD?

Shift+select usually selects a whole range, as you can see in the tree when selecting the first element and then while holding shift one of the last items. If you want to select/deselect single items you use the Control key instead of shift (cmd on a mac).

How do you cut lines in FreeCAD?


  1. Select the object to be cut in the tree view or the 3D view.
  2. Then select the edge to be used to cut the object, for example, a Draft Wire. This object should be selected in the 3D view only.
  3. Press the. Cut Line button.
  4. Choose Behind or Front to indicate what part of the solid will be removed.
  5. Click the OK button.

How do I merge lines in FreeCAD?

Select two or more Draft Lines and/or Draft Wires.

  1. Press the Draft Join button.
  2. Select the Modification → Join option from the menu.
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut: J then O.
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How do I edit a shape in FreeCAD?

FreeCAD: How to edit shape parametrically?

  1. Draw sketch and extrude it to create 3D shape. Sketch Extruding result.
  2. Select a top face of 3D shape and create a new sketch plane. Cut out the 3D shape with the sketch to create a hole. New sketch Cutting out result.

How do I select a body in FreeCAD?

Double-click the Body in the tree view or open the context menu (right-click) and select Toggle active body to activate or deactivate the Body.

How do you select shapes in FreeCAD?

Select any component in FreeCAD is easy, simply click on it.

  1. Clicking once on a face you select the face.
  2. By clicking a second time on a selected face you select the full form. In the case of a polygon, the first click selects the one hand and the next the whole figure.

How do I select multiple items in FreeCAD?

Select multiple objects by holding the Ctrl key while selecting with the mouse.

How do you fillet Freecad?

Start the tool from the Part toolbar or from the menu. You can either select the object before or after starting the tool. If the shape was not selected prior to starting the tool, select it in the Shape drop down list in the Task Panel. Select the fillet type, either constant radius (default) or variable radius.

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