How do you create a void Mass in Revit?

How do you create a void blend in Revit?

In the Family Editor, on the Create tab Forms panel, do one of the following:

  1. Click (Blend).
  2. Click Void Forms drop-down (Void Blend).

How do you cut a void form in Revit?

A solid form created after the void has been created can be cut with the intersecting void using the Cut tool from the Modify tab of the ribbon. Select Cut, and then select the void and the elements that should be cut by the void.

How do you blend in Revit?

To create a blend, select the blend command. You are placed in the Sketch mode. Select a tool from the Draw menu to draw a closed-loop sketch for the base of the blend. Once the base sketch is complete, click Edit Top on the Mode panel of the contextual tab.

What is void Revit?

Create negative geometry (voids) to cut solid geometry with the Create Void tool. … Click in the drawing area, and draw a closed loop that intersects solid geometry. Select the closed loop. Click Modify | Lines tab Form panel Create Form drop-down (Void Form). A void form extrusion is created.

How do you get a void extrusion in Revit?

Click Modify | Create Extrusion tab Mode panel (Finish Edit Mode). Revit Architecture completes the extrusion and returns you to the view in which you started the extrusion. To view the extrusion, open a 3D view.

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What does make void mean?

When you void something or make it void, you make it legally invalid, and that kind of void often goes with null. You might tell Cinderella, “If you’re not back by midnight, that arrangement with the pumpkin and the mice is null and void.” Definitions of void. an empty area or space.

How do you edit a void in Revit?

Follow the steps below to edit the void.

  1. Find the void in the Project Browser.
  2. Right click on the type from the Project Browser.
  3. Click on “Select all Instances.. “
  4. Choose “In entire project”
  5. From the Ribbon select “Edit In Place”

How do you cut a solid in Revit?

Solid forms will only cut the following solids: Form elements.

Family instances inside of the massing editor.

  1. Create two adjacent solid forms. …
  2. Click Modify tab Geometry panel (Cut).
  3. Select the solid form to be cut.
  4. Select the cutting solid form.
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