How do you draw a 3 point arc in Solidworks?

How do you make a 3 point arc in Solidworks?

Creating a Three-Point Arc Slot

  1. In a sketch, click 3 Point Arc Slot (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Entities > 3 Point Arc Slot .
  2. Click to specify the starting point of the arc.
  3. Move the pointer to specify the ending point of the arc and then click.

When using a 3 point arc to create a circle what is the 1st point indicate?

Start point

Draws an arc using three specified points on the arc’s circumference. The first point is the start point (1). Note: If you press ENTER without specifying a point, the endpoint of the last drawn line or arc is used and you are immediately prompted to specify the endpoint of the new arc.

How do you Centerpoint arc in Solidworks?

To sketch centerpoint arcs:

  1. Click Centerpoint Arc .
  2. Click. to place the center of the arc.
  3. Release and drag to set the radius and the angle.
  4. Click to place a start point.
  5. Release, drag, and click to set an end point.
  6. Click . Video: Sketching a Centerpoint Arc.

What is a 3-point arc?

: a line on a basketball court forming an arc at a set distance (such as 22 feet) from the basket beyond which a field goal counts for three points.

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What is required for a tangent arc?

When an arc is tangent to a circle, its center must be the radius distance away from that circle. … The only point that is on both the circle and the line is the center of the desired tangent arc. Draw the 1.00-radius circle tangent to the 1.50-diameter circle and centered on the point just found.

What is ARC in Solidworks?

Sketches arcs that are tangent to sketch entities. 3 Point Arc. Sketches arcs by specifying three points (start, end, and midpoint). The SOLIDWORKS application defaults to the last used arc type.

How do I move an arc in Solidworks?

To autotransition between line and arc:

  1. Click Line (Sketch toolbar) or click Tools, Sketch Entities, Line and sketch a line.
  2. Click the endpoint of the line, then move the pointer away. …
  3. Move the pointer back to the endpoint, then away again. …
  4. Click to place the arc.
  5. Move the pointer away from the arc endpoint.

How do you make arc tangent to a circle in Solidworks?

To sketch tangent arcs:

  1. Click Tangent Arc .
  2. Click. on the end point of a line, arc, ellipse, or spline.
  3. Drag the arc to the desired shape and release. SOLIDWORKS infers from the pointer motion whether you want a tangent or normal arc. …
  4. Click .
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