How do you move an entity in Solidworks?

How do you select and move in Solidworks?

To move, copy, rotate, or mate a solid or surface body:

  1. Click Move/Copy Bodies (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Move/Copy . …
  2. Click Translate/Rotate or Constraints at the bottom of the PropertyManager (if necessary) to switch to the page you want.
  3. Set options in the PropertyManager.

How do you shift a sketch in Solidworks?

First, Window select the sketch entities you wish to move. Second, Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard then Pick and Drag the selected entities from one of the Points in the Sketch.

How do you move a block in Solidworks?

You can drag-and-drop pre-made blocks from the Design Library. (Blocks toolbar) or Insert > Annotations > Block . The Insert Block PropertyManager appears. You can also drag a block from the Blocks folder in the FeatureManager design tree into the graphics area.

Can I move a plane in Solidworks?

Move the plane by dragging the edge of the plane. Copy the plane by selecting a plane in the graphics area. Then hold down the Ctrl key and, using the edge, drag to a new location. An offset plane is created.

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Where can I find sketch entities in Solidworks?

To move or copy entities:

  1. In sketch mode, do one of the following: Click Move Entities (Sketch toolbar) or Tools > Sketch Tools > Move. …
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Entities to Move or Entities to Copy: Select sketch entities for Sketch item or annotations. …
  3. Under Parameters: Sketch Type. …
  4. Click .

How do you move a cut Extrude in Solidworks?

Moving and Copying Features

  1. Select Instant3D (Features toolbar).
  2. In the graphics area, select the feature to move.
  3. Use the handles to drag the feature to its new location.

What is the command used to move a sketch onto a different plane solidworks?

To change the plane, right click on the sketch in the Feature Manager and select the Edit Sketch Plane Icon. When you do, the Edit Sketch Plane command opens. To change the plane, right click in the window and clear the selections.

How do I align two sketches in Solidworks?

To align sketches:

  1. Select a line or a point in a sketch to be aligned with another sketch.
  2. Hold Ctrl and select a line or a point in the second sketch to which the first sketch is to be aligned.
  3. Click Align Sketch (2D to 3D toolbar), or click Tools > Sketch Tools > Align > Sketch.

How do you Unfix a point in Solidworks?

To fix or float an assembly component:

  1. Right-click the component in the graphics area or the component’s name in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Select Fix or Float.
  3. In assemblies with multiple configurations, select This Configuration, All Configurations, or Specified Configurations.
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