Quick Answer: What are the fields of CAD?

What are the 2 categories of CAD users?

Types of CAD Software

  • Types of CAD Software.
  • 2 Dimensional CAD (2D CAD) …
  • 3 Dimensional CAD (3D CAD) …
  • Single-file-mode systems – This type of CAD software allows only a single user to work on a single file at a time.

What engineering fields use CAD?

CAD is usually use in mechanical and civil engineering.

How do you define a field in AutoCAD?

Select the AutoCAD text in which you want to insert a field. Right-click, and click Text Edit. Right-click at the point within the text where you want to insert a field, and click Insert Field. Define the field and its format.

Is CAD a career?

CAD is not a career. It’s software. Speaking from the point of view of the qualifications/industry here, you can always start small and work up in terms of your qualifications.

Who uses CAD the most?

Uses and Industries of CAD/CAM Software

  • #1: Aerospace. This is one of the high-tech industries that use CAD / CAM. …
  • #2: Architecture. Buildings are another big, expensive project. …
  • #3: Automotive. …
  • #4: Civil Engineering. …
  • #5: Dentistry. …
  • #6: Fashion Design. …
  • #7: Forensics. …
  • #8: Interior Design.

What is a text field AutoCAD?

A field in text contains instructions to display data that you expect to change during the life cycle of a drawing. When a field is updated, the latest data is displayed. For example, the value of the FileName field is the name of the file. … A field for which no value is available displays hyphens (—-).

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Open a new drawing and run the ATTDEF command. Place some text in the Tag and Prompt fields. Now, in the Default field, click on the Field button on the right side. Now select the properties for your field and then click OK.

How do I edit a field in CAD?

To Edit a Field

  1. Double-click a text object to display the appropriate text editing dialog box.
  2. Double-click the field that you want to edit. The Field dialog box is displayed.
  3. Make any needed changes.
  4. Click OK to exit the Field dialog box.
  5. Exit the text editor.
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