What does SL mean on a floor plan?

What does SL stand for in construction?

SL – Soffit Level. SLA – Service Level Agreement.

What is SL in architecture?

SL. Surface Level. Architectural, Construction, Technology.

What does SL stand for on a floor plan?

SL. Street Light. Architectural, Technology, Architecture. Architectural, Technology, Architecture.

What SPT means?

The standard penetration test (SPT) is an in-situ dynamic penetration test designed to provide information on the geotechnical engineering properties of soil. … The test provides samples for identification purposes and provides a measure of penetration resistance which can be used for geotechnical design purposes.

What is DB in floor plan?

Condo/HDB Floor Plan Abbreviations Used in Singapore

Floor plan abbreviation What it means
HS Household/bomb shelter
BW Bay window
DB Electrical switchboard
W/D Washer/dryer designated area

What does T in a circle mean on floor plans?

Electrical Symbols

A small circle bisected by two parallel lines is a wall outlet, while a circle superimposed over an X is a ceiling light and a T hanging from a circle is a thermostat.

What is the full name of SL?

Sleeper Class (SL) is one of the most common coach on Indian Railways. Sleeper Class (SL) has seats to sit as well as berths provided for sleeping. Sleeper Class price is more per passenger compared to Second Sitting (2S).

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What is SL in bank?

Standing Instruction – FAQ. 1. … The Standing Instructions feature facilitates periodic scheduled payments for funds transfer, third party payment, and RTGS/NEFT/State Bank Group transactions.

What does SL stand for in nursing?

Abbreviation for spinal length; sublingual.

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